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June 23 PokerStars Sunday Majors Results

by Jennifer Newell

As the 100 Billionth Hand promotion begins to wind down at PokerStars, one of the perks was a big Zoom $100 tournament that replaced the weekly Bigger $109. For the same buy-in, there was a $1 million guarantee and fast-fold poker in lieu of the regular fare. That brought in enough players to surpass the guarantee and create a substantial prize pool.

All of the other PokerStars Sunday majors were the same as usual, only with fewer players than the week before. As mentioned previously, with many players in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, the general numbers are lower and will continue to be for the next few weeks as live poker is the focus of the summer. While all but one of the guarantees were still bounced out of the water because of solid prize pools, the Women's Sunday did take a hit and had to implement its guarantee and grant an overlay in its tournament.

We've listed the major Sunday tournaments on PokerStars here. Each have a $150K guarantee or higher, and we included the Women's Sunday because of its unique place in the Sunday lineup. (Asterisks indicate players who agreed to official prize money chops at the final table.)

Zoom $100 (100 Billionth Hand Promotion)
Guarantee: $1 million
Players: 11,950
Prize pool: $1,195,000
Paid players: 1,530

1st place: dejanaceking ($166,224.50)
2nd place: Pumpingpoker ($119,500.00)
3rd place: Klaus-tro-fo ($83,650.00)
4th place: silvirenzo ($59,750.00)
5th place: Sobizzle21 ($47,800.00)
6th place: Vegeta14200 ($35,850.00)
7th place: malinga ($23,900.00)
8th place: currie7 ($11,950.00)
9th place: darenas ($7,528.50)

$215 Sunday Warm-Up
Guarantee: $500,000
Players: 2,814
Prize pool: $562,800
Paid players: 414

1st place: khanrava ($88,641.87)
2nd place: iamtheboss12 ($66,129.00)
3rd place: I Wokkasak I ($47,275.20)
4th place: S100LE ($32,361.00)
5th place: Chaesi ($24,481.80)
6th place: kawachi1984 ($18,853.80)
7th place: PikkuHUMPPA ($13,225.80)
8th place: incognito579 ($7,609.05)
9th place: Sghango ($4,783.80)

$11 Sunday Storm
Guarantee: $300,000
Players: 33,370
Prize pool: $333,700
Paid players: 5,400

1st place: aagefr ($29,027.68)
2nd place: karl_kokano ($20,832.89)
3rd place: reins77 ($14,015.40)
4th place: Boris127 ($10,678.40)
5th place: M.Mikrut ($7,341.40)
6th place: jackpk999 ($4,504.95)
7th place: Wazaahun ($3,086.72)
8th place: mycka86 ($2,169.05)
9th place: AAadrift ($1,518.33)

$109+R Sunday Rebuy
Guarantee: $225,000
Players: 843 (1,087 rebuys, 678 add-ons)
Prize pool: $260,800
Paid players: 99

1st place: boodeca ($48,900.00)
2nd place: UncaJ5 ($35,208.00)
3rd place: Dustierthenu ($26,080.00)
4th place: miguel18 ($19,560.00)
5th place: ale6ka ($13,692.00)
6th place: JOKERATOR ($11,084.00)
7th place: Gourmet ao ($8,476.00)
8th place: xxCelticFC ($5,868.00)
9th place: squintster ($3,677.28)

The Bigger $109 (Replace this week by Zoom 100)
Guarantee: $160,000
Players: n/a
Prize pool: n/a
Paid players: n/a

$215 Sunday Million
Guarantee: $1 million
Players: 6,244
Prize pool: $1,248,800
Paid players: 900

1st place: huuuz ($180,669.83)*
2nd place: Snusarn ($149,765.89)*
3rd place: ChrisFun123 ($99,904.00)
4th place: wond3rk1d ($68,684.00)
5th place: onlymany ($52,449.60)
6th place: BernyRs2 ($49,961.60)
7th place: Bumbulbee_G ($27,473.60)
8th place: Langustee ($14,985.60)
9th place: borveg ($9,678.20)

The Bigger $55
Guarantee: $160,000
Players: 4,663
Prize pool: $233,150
Paid players: 585

1st place: I3ubblejo87 ($23,917.46)*
2nd place: dsnka ($26,956.10)*
3rd place: blueskyyM ($19,399.44)*
4th place: pinkypink1 ($26,253.52)*
5th place: zetoc43 ($9,908.87)
6th place: nobbster99 ($7,577.37)
7th place: Clutch Hero ($5,245.87)
8th place: dugsy ($2,914.37)
9th place: Jokrn ($1,865.20)

$530 Sunday 500
Guarantee: $300,000
Players: 661
Prize pool: $330,500
Paid players: 99

1st place: Cejakas14 ($62,000.00)*
2nd place: Faith#1Virtu ($35,761.33)*
3rd place: prebz ($29,761.34)*
4th place: Titanium-MA ($33,761.33)*
5th place: caicu ($17,186.00)
6th place: FaceStealer ($13,881.00)
7th place: deagledan ($10,576.00)
8th place: g.karolis ($7,271.00)
9th place: Weird.Fear ($4,296.50)

The Bigger $162
Guarantee: $150,000
Players: 1,469
Prize pool: $222,350
Paid players: 198

1st place: NDCFunk ($36,909.15)
2nd place: oblionita ($26,992.87)
3rd place: REIPOKERXX ($20,382.37)
4th place: Schinken777 ($14,983.80)
5th place: gkap13 ($10,797.15)
6th place: @cey@lone ($8,593.65)
7th place: Yattago ($6,390.15)
8th place: MAKKAPAKK ($4,186.65)
9th place: 99NvrLosez ($2,269.60)

Sunday 2nd Chance
Guarantee: $175,000
Players: 1,125
Prize pool: $225,000
Paid players: 126

1st place: LICO01 ($40,500.00)
2nd place: garfil1 ($29,250.00)
3rd place: Naza114 ($21,825.00)
4th place: Fisherman903 ($16,312.50)
5th place: busto_soon ($11,340.00)
6th place: adametes ($9,000.00)
7th place: bEatNick"OG" ($6,750.00)
8th place: Tgonz ($4,500.00)
9th place: TheLipoFund ($2,700.00)

$55 Women's Sunday
Guarantee: $10,000
Players: 192
Prize pool: $10,000
Paid players: 36

1st place: luckyno75 ($2,045.00)
2nd place: karaurmanec ($1,500.00)
3rd place: MMC110 ($1,130.00)
4th place: ississ ($850.00)
5th place: Lester07 ($580.00)
6th place: creamcow30 ($450.00)
7th place: timush91 ($350.00)
8th place: crankychick ($250.00)
9th place: protonerasta ($190.00)

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Jennifer NewellJennifer Newell is a freelance writer, originally from St. Louis but now living in Los Angeles. She fell in love with poker while working at WPT and began writing about it in 2005.