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WSOP Recap 4: Erick Lindgren and Jeff Madsen win in Events 30 through 41

by Jennifer Newell

This week of recaps surpasses the halfway mark of the 2013 World Series of Poker, with only a fraction of the starting schedule remaining. With 41 gold bracelets having been awarded, players were starting to feel the pressure of winning a tournament before the Main Event.

Some of the bigger names who picked up bracelets over the past week included Erick Lindgren and Jeff Madsen, both of whom had several years pass since their last WSOP victories. And rounding out the week were two Internet-based players - Jared Hamby and Steve Gross - who picked up their bracelets after years of playing their favorite poker variations. It was an exciting week, and all of the most recent events and their details are listed here.

Event 30: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 2,108
Prize pool: $1,897,200
Players paid: 216

Day 1: The bubble burst on the land hand of the night, and the 217th place elimination of Tai Nguyen left 216 remaining and all in the money. Antoine Saout was the night's chip leader with 131,700 chips.

Day 2: The night ended with 13 players still in action and Dimitar Yosifov as the chip leader with 1,155,000.

Day 3: Early exits included Thien Le and Ryan Riess, and the tenth place elimination of Ben Greenberg set the final table with Dimitar Yosifov in the lead. But the final heads-up match came down to Chris Dombrowski leading Mathew Moore and going on to win it.

1st place: Chris Dombrowski ($346,332)
2nd place: Mathew Moore ($215,578)
3rd place: Jesse McEuen ($149,850)
4th place: Dimitar Yosifov ($107,922)
5th place: Carter Myers ($78,876)
6th place: Chris Bolek ($58,348)
7th place: Matt Seer ($43,730)
8th place: Mike Pickett ($33,191)
9th place: Jonathan Thompson ($25,448)

Event 31: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Split-8-or-Better (3-day)
Players: 936
Prize pool: $1,263,600
Players paid: 117

Day 1: The field was reduced to 129 players with Eric Rodawig in the lead with 154,800 chips.

Day 2: The bubble burst early in the day, and play continued until only 14 competitors remained. Perry Green led them with 491K chips.

Day 3: Players like Andy Seth and Mel Randolph hit the rail early, and the ousting of Stephen Johnson in tenth place set the final table with Barry Greenstein in the lead. He, however, exited in third, leaving Jarred Graham leading Marco Johnson in heads-up play. Graham went on to win.

1st place: Jarred Graham ($255,942)
2nd place: Marco Johnson ($158,379)
3rd place: Barry Greenstein ($99,091)
4th place: Noomis Jones ($71,924)
5th place: Gabriel Blumenthal ($53,096)
6th place: Loni Harwood ($39,803)
7th place: Eric Rodawig ($30,275)
8th place: Joao Simao ($23,338)
9th place: Perry Green ($18,233)

Event 32: $5,000 No Limit Hold'em Six-Handed (3-day)
Players: 516
Prize pool: $2,425,200
Players paid: 54

Day 1: The field was whittled down to 128 players, and Jonathan Little had the most chips with a stack of 179,700.

Day 2: The top 54 players got into the money, and the night ended with 14 players still in action. Jonathan Little was again the chip leader, this time with 1.29 million.

Day 3: Early eliminations included Jonathan Aguiar, Dan Smith, and Allen Bari, and the seventh place bustout of Andrew Robl set the final table with Erick Lindgren in the lead. He led the heads-up battle with Lee Markholt as well but won the tough match.

1st place: Erick Lindgren ($606,317)
2nd place: Lee Markholt ($374,960)
3rd place: Jonathan Little ($238,833)
4th place: Connor Drinan ($157,274)
5th place: Vasile Buboi ($106,830)
6th place: Ryan D'Angelo ($74,768)

Event 33: $2,500 Seven-Card Razz (3-day)
Players: 301
Prize pool: $684,775
Players paid: 32

Day 1: Action thinned the field down to 131 players with David Bach holding 51,300 chips and the lead.

Day 2: The money bubble burst later in the day, and the night ended with 14 players and David Bach still leading with 303K chips.

Day 3: Players like Tommy Chen and Joel Alpert busted early in the day, and Frankie O'Dell's exit in ninth place set the final table with Sebastian Pauli in the lead. But it was Bryan Campanello and David Bach heads-up, with the former taking his lead to victory.

1st place: Bryan Campanello ($178,052)
2nd place: David Bach ($110,098)
3rd place: Jim Wheatley ($72,346)
4th place: Sebastian Pauli ($52,844)
5th place: Ivan Schertzer ($39,128)
6th place: Brent Keller ($29,369)
7th place: Rick Fuller ($22,351)
8th place: Ismael Bojang ($17,235)

Event 34: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em Turbo (2-day)
Players: 1,629
Prize pool: $1,466,100
Players paid: 171

Day 1: The 30-minute levels of turbo action took players into the money as Level 12 got underway, and the night ended with only 35 players remaining and Victor Figueroa leading with 354K chips.

Day 2: Early payouts went to players like Jamie Rosen, Aaron Massey, and Jennifer Tilly, with the tenth place money going to Victor Figueroa. The final table began with Daniel Bishop in the lead, but heads-up brought it to Michael Gathy and Benjamin Reason, with Gathy leading all the way to victory.

1st place: Michael Gathy ($278,613)
2nd place: Benjamin Reason ($172,252)
3rd place: Yueqi Zhu ($113,358)
4th place: Sergey Rybachenko ($81,720)
5th place: Daniel Bishop ($59,816)
6th place: Jason Duval ($44,422)
7th place: Jake Cody ($33,456)
8th place: Noah Vaillancourt ($25,539)
9th place: Russell Crane ($19,748)

Event 35: $3,000 Pot Limit Omaha (3-day)
Players: 640
Prize pool: $1,747,200
Players paid: 72

Day 1: The field was reduced to 137 players with Jarred Solomon in the lead with 159,100 chips


Day 2: The bubble burst in the afternoon when Bradley Young exited in 73rd place. Play then continued until only 19 players remained and Jeff Madsen took the dominating lead with 922K chips.

Day 3: Early exits from Christian Harder, Jarred Solomon, Mike Sexton, and Ashton Griffin led to the final table set with Madsen still in charge.

1st place: Jeff Madsen ($384,420)
2nd place: Douglas Corning ($237,374)
3rd place: Michal Maryska ($154,312)
4th place: Danny Hannawa ($113,340)
5th place: Scott Clements ($84,424)
6th place: Ryan Chapman ($63,702)
7th place: William Black ($48,624)
8th place: Joni Jouhkimainen ($37,529)
9th place: Jason DeWitt ($29,265)

Event 36: $1,500 No Limit Hold'em Shootout (3-day)
Players: 1,194
Prize pool: $1,611,900
Players paid: 120

Day 1: The first round of shootouts left 120 players remaining, all in the money and with Scott Vener holding a few more chips than the rest with 46,700.

Day 2: Play continued until only 12 players remained.

Day 3: Two tables started the day, but when Kevin Vandersmissen exited in 11th place, the final ten were seated at one table. Play then continued until Simeon Naydenov took home the title.

1st place: Simeon Naydenov ($326,440)
2nd place: Jake Schwartz ($202,035)
3rd place: Andrew Kloc ($126,250)
4th place: Tobias Wenker ($91,749)
5th place: Jose Nacho Barbero ($67,732)
6th place: Mike Watson ($50,774)
7th place: Jan Kropacek ($38,621)
8th place: Salman Behbehani ($29,771)
9th place: Noah Bronstein ($23,259)
10th place: Sumanth Reddy ($18,407)

Event 37: $5,000 Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 170
Prize pool: $799,000

Day 1: When play stopped, Greg Mueller sat atop the leaderboard with 94,600 chips of the 103 remaining players.

Day 2: The money bubble burst late into the night, and players like Brock Parker, David Chiu, Justin Smith, and Bruno Fitoussi cashed before play ended with 12 still in action. Todd Witteles had the most chips with 442K.

Day 3: The tenth place elimination of Steve Landfish set the final table, and it played on until Gabriel Nassif took the lead into heads-up play against Michael Moore. But the latter made a comeback and won.

1st place: Michael Moore ($211,743)
2nd place: Gabriel Nassif ($130,852)
3rd place: Ronnie Bardah ($94,793)
4th place: Brian Aleksa ($69,968)
5th place: Todd Witteles ($52,582)
6th place: Dom Denotaristefani ($40,205)
7th place: Ben Yu ($31,264)
8th place: Greg Mueller ($24,721)
9th place: Justin Bonomo ($19,863)

Event 38: $2,500 No Limit Hold'em Four-Handed (3-day)
Players: 566
Prize pool: $1,287,650
Players paid: 64

Day 1: The money bubble burst to end the night, as Scott Baumstein busted a player in 65th place. The remaining 64 players showed Nick Schwarmann in the lead with 193,500 chips.

Day 2: All of the players cashed, and the night ended with Stephen Chidwick out in ninth place to set the final table. David Pham led the last eight players with 911K.

Day 3: Eight players began the day, but Daniel Park's bustout in sixth place set the unofficial final table and a double-elimination of John Juanda in fifth and David Pham in fourth set the final three. Ultimately, Justin Oliver was behind in heads-up play but launched a comeback to win.

1st place: Justin Oliver ($309,071)
2nd place: Nick Schwarmann ($191,434)
3rd place: Jared Jaffee ($129,447)
4th place: David Pham ($89,736)

Event 39: $1,500 Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo 8-or-Better (3-day)
Players: 558
Prize pool: $753,300
Players paid: 56

Day 1: The field thinned to 160 survivors and Raul Paez led them with 58,400 chips.

Day 2: The money bubble burst midway through the day, but only 17 players remained when play stopped that night. Matt Vengrin was the chip leader with 504,500 chips.

Day 3: Eliminations of players like Kristy Grazes and Layne Flack led to the setting of the unofficial finalt able, at which point Linda Johnson exited in ninth place to set it. Fei Chu was the chip leader, but Daniel Idema came back to claim victory.

1st place: Daniel Idema ($184,590)
2nd place: Joseph Hertzog ($114,109)
3rd place: Raul Paez ($71,736)
4th place: Matt Vengrin ($51,488)
5th place: Mike Leah ($37,552)
6th place: Tony Gill ($27,834)
7th place: Fei Chu ($20,964)
8th place: Artie Cobb ($16,037)

Event 40: $1,500 No Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 2,161
Prize pool: 2,917,350
Players paid: 243

Day 1: The field was reduced to 249 players with Matt Berkey in the lead with 176,500 chips.

Day 2: The money bubble burst right away, and the number of players shrunk until only 21 remained. Nicolas Fierro was the night's chip leader with 965K.

Day 3: Players like Kara Scott, Griffin Benger, and David Tran exited the field early, and Allen Cunningham left in tenth to set the final table. Ultimately, Jared Hamby had a significant chip deficit going into heads-up against Peter Hengaskul but came back to win.

1st place: Jared Hamby ($525,272)
2nd place: Peter Hengaskul ($325,780)
3rd place: Allan Vrooman ($230,178)
4th place: Nicolas Fierro ($165,501)
5th place: Joao Dorneles Neto ($120,574)
6th place: Matt Berkey ($89,008)
7th place: Richard Dubini ($66,544)
8th place: Fred Berger ($50,382)
9th place: David Nicholson ($38,625)

Event 41: $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Six-Handed (3-day)
Players: 400
Prize pool: $1,880,000
Players paid: 42

Day 1: Only 117 players survived the action, and Sorel Mizzi had the lead with 146,400 chips.

Day 2: The money bubble burst later in the evening, and there were still 21 players holding chips when play stopped. Steve Gross had the most with a stack of 526K.

Day 3: Early exits saw Sorel Mizzi and Trevor Pope leave the tournament, and the seventh place elimination of Yevgeniy Timoshenko set the final table with Timo Pfutzenreuter in the chip lead. He exited third, and Steve Gross took the lead from heads-up to the winner's circle.

1st place: Steve Gross ($488,817)
2nd place: Salman Behbehani ($301,965)
3rd place: Timo Pfutzenreuter ($194,147)
4th place: Joseph Leung ($128,742)
5th place: Lee Goldman ($87,890)
6th place: Nader Arfai ($61,739)

Jennifer NewellJennifer Newell is a freelance writer, originally from St. Louis but now living in Los Angeles. She fell in love with poker while working at WPT and began writing about it in 2005.