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WSOP Recap 3: Schneider Wins Second Bracelet in Events 18 through 29

by Jennifer Newell

The action at the 2013 World Series of Poker has been heating up, and the first 17 events alone have brought names like Mike Matusow, Tom Schneider, and Trevor Pope into the winner's circle. The gold bracelets are tough to earn, but some have picked up multiple WSOP titles over the years while others are over the moon to grab their first.

This third recap of tournaments is proof positive that skill is such an important component of these games, as some very familiar names appear again. But there are always the new faces and first bracelets, which combine to make the WSOP the most exciting tournament series of the year. Let's get to the next group of events, which are recapped here:

Event 18: $1,000 No Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 2,071
Prize pool: $1,863,900
Players paid: 540

Day 1: The field slimmed down to 163 players, all the way through the money bubble and leaving Chad Eveslage in the lead with 134K.

Day 2: Play moved along until only 14 players remained, and Taylor Paur was the chip leader with 1,318,000 in his stack, far from his closest competitors.

Day 3: Phil Ivey was one of the players who exited before the final table, and the tenth place elimination of James Epner made it official. The ultimate heads-up match found Taylor Paur in the lead against Roy Weiss, and Paur eventually won it.

1st place: Taylor Paur ($340,260)
2nd place: Roy Weiss ($211,794)
3rd place: Tai Nguyen ($147,220)
4th place: Alexander Barlow ($106,027)
5th place: DJ Mackinnon ($77,491)
6th place: Phillip Hui ($57,324)
7th place: Daniel Idema ($42,962)
8th place: Ryan Austin ($32,608)
9th place: Kyle Cartwright ($25,041)

Event 19: $5,000 Pot Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 195
Prize pool: $916,500
Players paid: 27

Day 1: The first day of action thinned the field to less than 80 players, and Dimitar Danchev sat atop the leaderboard with 106,300 chips.

Day 2: A long day finally burst the money bubble late in the evening, as Marco Traniello exited in 28th place. Play continued until 16 players remained and Jesse Martin led them with 402K chips.

Day 3: The loss of players like John Hennigan, Kevin Vandersmissen, and Dan Kelly helped the final table get closer, but it was Jesse Martin's tenth place exit that set it. Davidi Kitai led the action and continued through to the winner's circle.

1st place: Davidi Kitai ($224,560)
2nd place: Cary Katz ($138,794)
3rd place: Vincent Bartello ($103,628)
4th place: Dimitar Danchev ($77,893)
5th place: Eugene Katchalov ($58,912)
6th place: Kristina Holst ($44,844)
7th place: Bertrand Grospellier ($34,341)
8th place: Dario Minieri ($26,468)
9th place: Chris Johnson ($20,520)

Event 20: $1,500 Omaha Hi/Lo Split-8-or-Better (3-day)
Players: 1,014
Prize pool: $1,368,900
Players paid: 117

Day 1: Most of the field departed, but a total of 219 remained at the end of the night with John Larson holding 73,700 and the chip lead.

Day 2: The money bubble burst late in the afternoon, and only 63 players remained at the dinner break. Play stopped with 22 still in action and Dale Beaudoin in the lead with 465K chips.

Day 3: Players like Jennifer Harman and Maria Ho departed early, and Dale Beaudoin hit the rail in tenth place to set the final table. Can Kim Hua was the chip leader and ended up heads-up with Calen McNeil, but Hua finished second.

1st place: Calen McNeil ($277,274)
2nd place: Can Kim Hua ($171,577)
3rd place: Todd Brunson ($107,349)
4th place: Joe Ford ($77,917)
5th place: Hieu Ma ($57,521)
6th place: Stephen Chidwick ($43,120)
7th place: John Monnette ($32,798)
8th place: Won Goag ($25,283)
9th place: Dao Bac ($19,753)

Event 21: $3,000 No Limit Hold'em Six-Handed (3-day)
Players: 807
Prize pool: $2,205,840
Players paid: 90

Day 1: The field diminished to only 129 players by the end of the night with Jesse Wilkie in the lead with 187,700 chips.

Day 2: The money bubble burst fairly early in the day but ended with 13 players still in the running for final table seats. Matt Stout had 1,268,000 chips and the lead.

Day 3: Erik Seidel and Nick Schulman were among the first to go, and the final table was soon set with Martin Finger as the chip leader. The ultimate heads-up battle took place between Finger and Matt Stout over the course of several hours before Finger pulled out the win.

1st place: Martin Finger ($506,764)
2nd place: Matt Stout ($313,370)
3rd place: Matt Berkey ($199,733)
4th place: David Pham ($131,679)
5th place: Nikolai Sears ($89,402)
6th place: Andrew Dean ($62,458)

Event 22: $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha (3-day)
Players: 1,022
Prize pool: $1,378,350
Players paid: 117

Day 1: Play moved quickly and all the way to the money bubble. When Darren Kramer busted in 118th place, action stopped for the night with Brandon Crawford as the chip leader with 125,400.

Day 2: With all players in the money, play moved quickly and ended with nine remaining at the final table. Noah Schwartz led them with 1,162,000 chips.

Day 3: Action began with the ninth place elimination of Brandon Crawford, and it culminated in a heads-up battle with Noah Schwartz in the initial lead. But Josh Pollock took that lead all the way to the winner's circle.

1st place: Josh Pollock ($279,431)
2nd place: Noah Schwartz ($172,931)
3rd place: James Parks ($108,196)
4th place: KT Parks ($78,532)
5th place: Shawn Silber ($57,974)
6th place: Eric Shanks ($43,460)
7th place: Eddie Blumenthal ($33,057)
8th place: David Greene ($25,483)
9th place: Brandon Crawford ($19,909)

Event 23: $2,500 Seven-Card Stud (3-day)
Players: 246
Prize pool: $559,650
Players paid: 32

Day 1: The field thinned to 106 players, and Ken Wittock was the chip leader with 48,900 chips.

Day 2: It took a while for the money bubble to burst, and action then took the players down to the last two tables. It ended with 10 players and Frank Kassela in the chip lead with 331,500.

Day 3: After Jesse Martin and Helmut Koch departed, the final table was officially set with Gary Benson in the chip lead with 365K. David Chiu eventually got to heads-up play with the chip lead against Scott Seiver, and it was a tough back-and-forth battle that led to a win.

1st place: David Chiu ($145,520)
2nd place: Scott Seiver ($89,980)
3rd place: Freddie Ellis ($59,127)
4th place: Michael Mizrachi ($43,188)
5th place: Frank Kassela ($31,978)
6th place Gary Benson ($24,003)
7th place: Matthew Ashton ($18,266)
8th place: Adam Friedman ($14,086)

Event 24: $1500 No Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 1,731
Prize pool: $2,336,850
Players paid: 198

Day 1: A fast day of poker led to the busting of the money bubble, and play ended with Paul Wasicka in the chip lead with 140,100 in his stack.

Day 2: With all of the players in the money, play moved toward the final table but finished with 17 players still in action and Salvatore Dicarlo in the lead with 984K chips.

Day 3: Of the final 17, players like Joon Yi and Travell Thomas departed early, and the tenth place bustout of Ryan Franklin set the final table with Daniel Cascado in the lead with 2.19 million. He also led heads-up against Corey Harrison, but the latter pulled out a win.

1st place: Corey Harrison ($432,411)
2nd place: Daniel Cascado ($267,452)
3rd place: Salvatore Dicarlo ($184,914)
4th place: Paul Spitzberg ($133,364)
5th place: Gregory Josifovski ($97,493)
6th place: Mohsin Charania ($72,208)
7th place: Zimnan Ziyard ($54,191)
8th place: Gareth Teatum ($41,198)
9th place: Robert Brewer ($31,711)

Event 25: $5,000 Omaha Hi/Lo Split-8-or-Better (3-day)
Players: 241
Prize pool: $1,132,700
Players paid: 27

Day 1: The late-starting tournament thinned the field only to 152 players, and Hal Klein led them all with 77,100 chips.

Day 2: The majority of the players departed before the money bubble, which happened at the very end of the night when James Dempsey exited in 28th place. Robert Mizrachi ended the night then with 339,500 and the chip lead.

Day 3: Some of the players to exit early in the day included Dario Alioto, Eric Crain, Huck Seed, Dan Kelly, Maria Ho, Alexander Kostritsyn, George Danzer, Shawn Buchanan, Julie Schneider, and Mike Matusow. Jonathan Duhamel left in tenth and Bart Hanson in ninth, and the third place elimination of Robert Mizrachi set heads-up between Danny Fuhs and Christopher George, with the former accomplishing the win.

1st place: Danny Fuhs ($277,519)
2nd place: Christopher George ($171,536)
3rd place: Robert Mizrachi ($128,074)
4th place: Brian Hastings ($96,268)
5th place: Viacheslav Zhukov ($72,809)
6th place: Arthur Kargen ($55,423)
7th place: Jeff Lisandro ($42,442)
8th place: Ryan Lenaghan ($32,712)
9th place: Bart Hanson ($25,301)

Event 26: $1,000 Seniors No Limit Hold'em Championship (3-day)
Players: 4,407
Prize pool: $3,966,300
Players paid: 441

Day 1: The field was reduced to 491 players, and Alex Kunichoff was the chip leader with 151,400 in his stack.

Day 2: The money bubble burst early in the day, and play continued until only 34 players were left. James Miller led the field with 1,088,000 chips.

Day 3: Some of the players to exit early included Jimmy Earnest, Mark Kroon, Hoyt Corkins, Larry Wright, and Kimberley Kilroy. The bustout of Stephen Lutz in tenth place set the final table with Dana Ott in the lead, but he trailed Kenneth Lind at the start of heads-up play and ended up taking second.

1st place: Kenneth Lind ($634,809)
2nd place: Dana Ott ($390,601)
3rd place: John Holley ($283,312)
4th place: Barry Bashist ($209,856)
5th place: Randolph Spain ($156,629)
6th place: Michael Bouskila ($117,799)
7th place: James Miller ($89,281)
8th place: Jack Ernest Ward ($68,180)
9th place: Fernando Halac ($52,474)

Event 27: $3,000 Mixed Max No Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 593
Prize pool: $1,618,890
Players paid: 68

Day 1: Play was nine-handed throughout the day and reduced the initial field down to 181 players. Barry Lang was the day-end chip leader with 122,375.

Day 2: Action was six-handed from the start of play until only 32 players remained, at which point Brandon Cantu had 519,600 for the chip lead.

Day 3: Heads-up matches reduced the field to 16, and the eventual round of eight consisted of players like Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Brandon Cantu. The round of four lost Jeremy Ausmus and Jason Koon, and the final heads-up match was set for the next day.

Day 4: The final two battled for quite some time before Steinberg took some beats and lost to Hagerling.

1st place: Isaac Hagerling ($372,387)
2nd place: Max Steinberg ($231,501)
3rd place: Jeremy Ausmus ($132,748)
4th place: Jason Koon ($132,748)

Event 28: $1,500 No Limit Hold'em (3-day)
Players: 2,115
Prize pool: $2,855,250
Players paid: 216

Day 1: The night ended with 233 players still in action and Jason Duval leading with 149,700 chips.

Day 2: With the money bubble bursting early in the day, most of the players cashed throughout the evening with the exception of the final 16, who bagged chips to end the day. Masayuki Nagata had the most, leading with 1,742,000 chips.

Day 3: Jason Bloom was the first elimination of the day, and TJ Cloutier also exited early. The tenth place elimination of Timothy Stickradt set the final table, but the final two were Majid Yahyaei and Jason Duval, the latter of whom went on to win.

1st place: Jason Duval ($521,202)
2nd place: Majid Yahyaei ($324,442)
3rd place: Masayuki Nagata ($225,521)
4th place: James Lee ($162,420)
5th place: Tommy Townsend ($118,707)
6th place: Dan Martin ($87,813)
7th place: Steve Bartlett ($65,813)
8th place: Daniel Bishop ($49,952)
9th place: Joseph Cappuccio ($38,360)

Event 29: $5,000 H.O.R.S.E. (3-day)
Players: 261
Prize pool: $1,226,700
Players paid: 32

Day 1: There were 151 players still remaining at the end of the first day, and Chris Klodnicki led them all with 65,100 chips.

Day 2: The bubble didn't burst until late in the night, and Bill Chen exited in 34th place, followed by Daniel Negreanu in 33rd. The likes of Max Pescatori and Eli Elezra cashed before play stopped with 28 players. Greg Mueller was the chip leader with 430,500.

Day 3: Players like Gus Hansen, Todd Brunson, Dan Kelly, David Bach, and Marcel Luske exited early in the day, and Alex Dovzhenko busted in ninth place to set the official final table. Four players remained when play stopped for the night, and Tom Schneider was the chip leader.

Day 4: Tom Schneider had the majority of the chips in play and wasted no time winning his second bracelet of 2013.

1st place: Tom Schneider ($318,955)
2nd place: Benjamin Scholl ($197,228)
3rd place: Greg Mueller ($129,600)
4th place: Viatcheslav Ortynskiy ($94,664)
5th place: Chris Klodnicki ($70,093)
6th place: Adam Friedman ($52,613)
7th place: David Benyamine ($40,039)
8th place: Konstantin Puchkov ($30,876)

Jennifer NewellJennifer Newell is a freelance writer, originally from St. Louis but now living in Los Angeles. She fell in love with poker while working at WPT and began writing about it in 2005.