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PokerPages.com at the 2005 WSOP

Event #3: $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold 'Em (Final)
Thom Werthmann wins!
1st Thomas Werthmann (Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA) $369,535
2nd Layne Flack (Las Vegas, NV, USA) $185,855
3rd Hieu Ma (S El Monte, CA, USA) $118,240
4thMartin Green (United Kingdom) $88,680
5th David Bach (Athens, GA, USA) $88,680
6th Mario Valenzuela (Temecula, CA, USA) $73,900
7th Pierre Nasr (Vancouver, BC Canada) $59,120
8th Arash Ghaneian (Los Angeles, CA, USA) $44,340
9rh Ernest Patrick $29,560

Thom Werthmann Wins

1:55 AM
Thom raises to $60,000 from the button, Flack reraises to $180,000, Thom reraises the pot and Flack pushes. Flack is all in for about $600,000. Flack shows 5-5, Thom has A-2. Flop is AKQ, turn A, river J. Layne Flack is eliminated in 2nd. Thom Werthmann wins the bracelet.

1:45 AM
Blinds increase to $10,000-$20,000.

Thom raises to $60,000 on the button, Flack calls. Flop Ad 8c 7c. Flack checks, Thom bets $120,000, Flack calls after a long pause. Turn is 6c. Flack moves all in for $125,000, Thom calls. Flack has 7h 6c (two pair). Thom has Jd 10c (inside straight-flush draw). River is Kd, Flack doubles up. Players are now close to even in chips.

1:40 AM
Flop Q 10 3. Flack checks, Thom bets $96,000, Flack calls. Turn 6. Flack checks, Thom bets $288,000, Flack folds. Flack down to $350,000.

1:35 AM
Thom Werthmann $1,020,000
Layne Flack $600,000

On a flop of 6s 3c 2s, Thom bets the pot, Flack reraises the pot, and Thom ends up all in for $461,000. Thom has 8s 6d, top pair, and Flack has As 9s, two overcards with flush draw. Flack's outs don't appear, and Thom doubles up.

1:25 AM
No big pots yet. Flack is chipping away.

1:10 AM
Chip count:
Layne Flack $1,150,000
Thom Werthmann $480,000

1:05 AM
Tony Ma has A3, Thom Werthmann has AJ. Flop comes AJ2. Turn 7, river 4. Ma puts in his last $80,000 on the river, and finishes in 3rd. It was an amazing display of short-stack play by Tony Ma.

12:55 AM
Martin pushes UTG with Ac Js, Flack calls from the big blind with Kd 4s. The flop comes Jh 4h 2c. Both players pair, Martin leads with jacks. The 4c spikes on the river, eliminating Martin in 4th place.

12:50 AM
Layne Flack $1,060,000
Thom Werthmann $420,000
Tony Ma $75,000
Martin Green $60,000

12:35 AM
Martin raises to $56,000, Thom moves all in for $109,000. Martin calls with Qc Jc, Thom shows Ah 2c. Martin flops a queen, but an ace spikes on the river. Thom doubles up to $230,000, Green is down to $100,000 or so.

12:25 AM
Werthmann regains chip lead. Then, biggest pot yet. Thom limps UTG, Flack raises $40,000, folded back to Thom, who reraises to $160,000. Flack calls. The flop comes Qc 10s 5d. Thom bets the pot ($360,000) and Flack moves in instantly for $444,000. Thom calls and shows Ad Kd. Flack shows Ah 10d. Thom gets no help and is down to $60,000. Flack has over $1.2 million.

12:15 AM
Players are trading chips back and forth, but they seem to be gradually drifting to Layne Flack.

Layne Flack $810,000
Thom Werthmann $660,000
Tony Ma $140,000
Martin Green $90,000

12:00 AM
Action is folded to Martin in the small blind, who raises to $56,000. Tony Ma moves all in for $116,000, and Martin calls the additional $60,000. Martin has 5d5h, and Ma has 8c8h. Ma's eights hold up, and he doubles up to $200,000.

11:55 PM
Play resumes. Blinds now $8,000-$16,000.

11:50 PM
Chip Count
Thom Werthmann $700,000
Layne Flack $635,000
Martin Green $175,000
Tony Ma $90,000

11:35 PM
Play stops for a 20 minute break.
Thom has taken the chip lead.

11:30 PM
Layne Flack is raising frequently, and he has lost several pots in a row. First, he doubled Tony Ma up to $100,000 - Ma pushed with KQ after Flack raised with Q8. Then he called a raise from Thom in the big blind, but folded on the flop. Most recently, he reraised Thom from the small blind after Thom raised on the button, only to fold to Thom's re-reraise.

11:15 PM
Chip Count:
Layne Flack $870,000
Thom Werthmann $470,000
Martin Green $210,000
Tony Ma $55,000

Phil Hellmuth comes over to announce to Layne (and everyone) that he has just cashed in a WSOP event for the 48th time, which is a record. He just passed Barry Greenstein, who has 47 all-time cashes. Predictable amusement ensues.

11:00 PM
Once Mario goes out, Thom Werthmann wakes up and starts raising. He successfully wins several lots of blinds and antes.

Bach's AdKd fails to improve against Thom's 2h2d. Thom wins a monster $350,000+ pot, and Bach finishes in 5th. Thom now has about $490,000.

10:45 PM
Chip Count:
Layne Flack $770,000
Martin Greene $290,000
Thom Werthmann $285,000
David Bach $180,000
Tony Ma $90,000

Martin and Werthmann are not playing any pots. Tony Ma is also being cautious. And why not - despite being the short stack, he has advanced three places by staying out of the way.

10:25 PM
Layne Flack raised under the gun, and Mario reraised from the cutoff. Flack called and the flop came 10s 7d 5s. Flack checked, Mario bet, and Flack checkraised all in. Mario called with QQ, Flack showed a set of tens. Mario out in 6th. Flack is now in a commanding position with $730,000.

10:15 PM
David Bach raises under the gun to $36,000. Mario reraises $90,000 more, leaving himself about $100,000. Bach folds, Mario shows aces. Mario now has around $280,000.

Pierre moves all in for $44,000 from the cutoff. Bach calls from the big blind for $32,000 more. Nasr has pocket queens, Bach has Kd2d. The flop comes 9h 5h 4d. Turn comes Qd, giving Nasr a set, but 3d on river gives Bach winning flush. Nasr out in 7th. Bach now has about $250,000.

10:00 PM
Play resumes. Blinds increase to $6,000-$12,000.

9:55 PM
Chip counts at the break:
Layne Flack $470,000
Martin Green $325,000
David Bach $290,000
Thom Werthmann $237,000
Mario Valenzuela $220,000
Tony Ma $97,000
Pierre Nasr $65,000

9:45 PM
Level ends. Players take a 20 minute break.

9:30 PM
Anash raises to $28,000 from the button, leaving himself $34,000. Mario Valenzuela reraises $40,000 from the small blind. Anash thinks for several minutes and reluctantly calls with 7c6c. Mario has KhJd. Mario flops a jack and Anash is eliminated in 8th.

9:15 PM
Gargantuan pot. Anash raises, Ernest moves all in from the button, Tony Ma moves all in from the big blind for $46,000. Anash calls the extra $18,000. Anash has AQo, Ernest has 88, Ma has pocket kings. Flop comes KJJ, Ma jumps out and shouts "Yes! Come... back!" Ernest is out in 9th, Anash down to $40,000... Ma is back in contention with $130,000.
Next hand, Anash immediately moves all in and is called by Ma. Ma has pocket jacks, Anash has AQo again. Anash flops a queen and doubles up to $100,000.

9:10 PM
David Bach has pocket aces, Ernest flops top pair with KJ and cannot get away from it. Bach doubles up to $250,000, Ernest down to $20,000.

9:05 PM
Short stack Ernest Patrick catches a break. Anash raises from middle position, Ernest reraises the pot, putting himself nearly all in. Anash folds AJ, Ernest shows AKs. Ernest now up to $140,000.

8:55 PM
Layne Flack dominating, picks up several pots in the early hands.
Tony Ma makes up slight ground, to around $60,000.

8:45 PM
First hand, Gavin Smith all in with Qh Qs against Martin Green's Ah Kh. A king spikes on the end, Gavin is busted and storms away from the table. Gavin finishes in 10th place. Martin now has around $360,000.

8:40 PM
Final table set to begin. Blinds are $4,000-$8,000. Chip counts as follows:
Seat 1. Arash Ghaneian $87,000
Seat 2. Ernest Patrick $118,000
Seat 3. Gavin Smith $73,000
Seat 4. Mario Valenzuela $116,000
Seat 5. Pierre Nasr $118,000
Seat 6. Tony Ma $48,000
Seat 7. Thom Werthmann $48,000
Seat 8. David Bach $130,000
Seat 9. Layne Flack $391,000
Seat 10. Martin Green $282,000

6:30 PM
14th - Frank Whipple - $13,300
Whipple pushed all in with AK on a jack-high flop, and was called by Thom Werthmann who held TT.

The tournament director stopped the clock to poll the two tables whether or not to take a dinner break. Layne Flack wanted to continue playing; when told that the majority had voted to eat, he jokingly complained that it was because they were all fat.

Subsequently, play has stopped for a dinner break, and will resume at 7:30 PM.

Chip Counts at the break:
Thom Werthmann $300,000
Tony Ma $200,000
Pierre Nasr $170,000
Arash Ghaneian $160,000
Gavin Smith $120,000
Mario Valenzuela $120,000
David Bach $120,000
Ernest Patrick $100,000
Martin Green $90,000
Layne Flack $75,000
Al Krux $60,000
Edward Moncada $40,000
Chris Stoltzfus $40,000

6:00 PM

15th - Patrick Pezzin - $13,300
16th - Young Cho - $10,345
17th - Matthew Kirisits - $10,345

Tony Ma $200,000
Gavin Smith $197,000
Thom Werthmann $180,000
Arash Ghaneian $130,000
Mario Valenzuela $120,000
Ernest Patrick $120,000
Edward Moncada $120,000
Frank Whipple $110,000
Layne Flack $110,000
David Bach $105,000
Al Krux $100,000
Pierre Nasr $90,000
Martin Green $50,000
Chris Stolzfus $22,000

5:20 PM

Gavin Smith $200,000
Thom Werthmann $165,000
Ernest Patrick $140,000
Edward Moncada $130,000
Pierre Nase $120,000
Tony Ma $115,000
Young Cho $115,000
Arash Ghaneian $105,000
Patrick Pezzin $60,000
Layne Flack $55,000
Al Krux $55,000
Chris Stolzfus $40,000
Matthew Kirisits $30,000
Frank Whipple $16,000

5:10 PM
Players have taken an extended break to fill out ESPN information forms.

Gavin Smith leads at the break, with $200,000.

4:40 PM
17 players remaining.

Thomas Hunt's AQ failed to improve against Thom Werthmann's TT, and Hunt was out in 18th. After busting Hunt, Werthmann pulled even with Pierre Nasr. Both players have around $160,000.

Short stack Renee Wexler made her move with AQ but ran into Young Cho's AA. Wexler finished 20th.

18th - Thomas Hunt III - $10,345
19th - David McAfee - $7,390
20th - Renee Wexler - $7,390
21st - Shannon Frankfather - $7,390
22nd - Scott Levy - $7,390
23rd - T.J. Burle - $7,390

4:30 PM
Pierre Nasr is chip leader with $160,000.

4:15 PM
23 players remaining.

Al Krux $65,000
Renee Wexler $30,000
Gavin Smith $85,000
Young Cho $65,000
Layne Flack $86,000
T.J. Burle $65,000
Edward Moncada $55,000
Patrick Pezzin $70,000
Thom Werthmann $90,000

24th - Jim Bechtel - $7,390
25th - Hoyt Corkins - $7,390

3:30 PM
25 players remaining.

26th - Peter Zachary - $7,390
27th - Nikolaos Frangos - $7,390
28th - Jennifer Harman - $5,175
29th - Chris Christy - $5,175
30th - Peter Davidson - $5,175
31st - Gerald Cheatham - $5,175

Davidson went all in with 22 and lost to Edward Moncada's KK.
Frangos went all in with TT and ran into QQ.
Cheatham went all in with AJ against Thom Werthmann's 99. Cheatham flopped a jack, but Werthmann ended up making a queen-high straight.

3:00 PM
31 players remaining.

Arash Ghaneian knocks out two players on one hand: Ghaneian has KK, Jason Younger has AA, John Johnson has JJ. All in preflop. Flop comes A-T-X, giving Younger top set. Turn Q, river J, Ghaneian wins with runner-runner broadway. Younger, Johnson out, Ghaneian now over $200,000.

32nd - Chance Largeness - $5,175
33rd - Jason Younger - $5,175
34th - John Johnson - $5,175
35th - Anders Berg - $5,175
36th - David Danheiser - $5,175

2:30 PM
Play resumes for the day with 36 players remaining. The final table will start at 7PM tonight.

Notable players still remaining include Gavin Smith, Layne Flack, Hieu (Tony) Ma, Nick Frangos, Al Krux, Jim Bechtel, Jennifer Harman, and Hoyt Corkins.

Chip counts and results from Day 1 are listed below. Blinds start at $1,500-$3,000.

Chip Count
Player NameHometownChip CountTable #Seat #
PIerre NasrVancouver$136,500.001314
Arash GhaneianMarina Del Rey, CA$125,500.001194
Gavin Smith $108,500.001192
Thom WerthmannBloomfield Hills, MI$96,000.001307
Layne Flack $86,000.001301
Renee WexlerOceanside, CA$71,500.001309
Hieu MaSouth El Monte, CA$69,000.001208
Peter ZakharyMt. Verde, FL$63,500.001206
T.J. BurleLelseyville, CA$61,500.001316
Patrick PezzinToronto, Canada$59,000.001319
Jason YoungerRedwood City$58,000.001191
Thomas Hunt IIILas Vegas, NV$52,000.001318
Young ChoEnid, OK$50,000.001315
Gerald CheathamPhiladelphia, PA$48,000.001306
Shannon FrankfatherFindlay, OH$45,000.001195
David BachAthens, GA$34,500.001197
Nikolaos FrangosMays Landing, NJ$34,500.001199
Matthew KirisitsNyack, NY$34,000.001198
Ernest PatrickBirmingham, MI$32,000.001193
Scott LevyFrisco, TX$31,500.001207
Al KruxFayetteville, NY$31,000.001209
Edward MoncadaTulsa, OK$30,000.001308
Frank WhippleSarasota, FL$28,000.001305
Jim BechtelGilbert, AZ$27,500.001311
Mario ValenzuelaTemecula, CA$26,500.001317
Jennifer HarmanLas Vegas, NV$23,500.001203
Anders BergOslo, Norway$23,000.001312
Martin GreenBrighton, England$20,500.001204
Chris ChristyPark Ridge, IL$18,000.001303
Chance LangenessGoodyear, AZ$17,500.001313
Peter DavidsonCopenhagen, Denmark$16,000.001302
Hoyt CorkinsGlenwood, AL$15,000.001202
John JohnsonPleasant Hill, IA$15,000.001196
David DanheiserLas Vegas, NV$7,000.001201
David McAfeeSan Diego, CA$6,500.001304
Chris StoltzfusDavie, FL$2,900.001205

1. $369,535.00
2. $185,855.00
3. $118,240.00
4. $103,460.00
5. $88,680.00
6. $73,900.00
7. $59,120.00
8. $44,340.00
9. $29,560.00
10. $16,260.00
11. $16,260.00
12. $16,260.00
13. $13,300.00
14. $13,300.00
15. $13,300.00
16. $10,345.00
17. $10,345.00
18. $10,345.00
19. $7,390.00
20. $7,390.00
21. $7,390.00
22. $7,390.00
23. $7,390.00
24. $7,390.00
25. $7,390.00
26. $7,390.00
27. $7,390.00
28. $5,175.00
29. $5,175.00
30. $5,175.00
31. $5,175.00
32. $5,175.00
33. $5,175.00
34. $5,175.00
35. $5,175.00
36. $5,175.00
37.Bill Ernest$4,285.00
38.Roger White$4,285.00
39.Nathaniel Mullen$4,285.00
40.Alan Adler$4,285.00
41.Delmiro Toledo$4,285.00
42.Alan Kessler$4,285.00
43.Joseph Casetla$4,285.00
44.Kenny Levy$4,285.00
45.Marc Shubbe$4,285.00
46.Bruce Gifford$3,475.00
47.Antonio Abesamis$3,475.00
48.Roger Barnes$3,475.00
49.Billy Seber$3,475.00
50.David Stroj$3,475.00
51.James Kileen$3,475.00
52.Kevin Kim$3,475.00
53.Marcel Luske$3,475.00
54.Arthur Christman$3,475.00
55.Joseph Cassidy$3,475.00
56.Marco Traniello$2,955.00
57.Mark Taylor$2,955.00
58.Dean Factor$2,955.00
59.Joshua Jones$2,955.00
60.James Catton$2,955.00
61.Elliott Howle$2,955.00
62.Stanley Bayne$2,955.00
63.Carlos Trujillo$2,955.00
64.Brett Wiesner$2,585.00
65.Craig Hartman$2,585.00
66.Michael Minetti$2,585.00
67.Jesse Daniel$2,585.00
68.Jorge Arias$2,585.00
69.Manuel Regis$2,585.00
70.Tao Yubin$2,585.00
71.Amie Martini$2,585.00
72.Jeffrey Klein$2,585.00
73.Keith Sexton$2,215.00
74.Todd Brunson$2,215.00
75.Aaron Jensen$2,215.00
76.Christopher Fear$2,215.00
77.Andrew Singer$2,215.00
78.Dewey Tomko$2,215.00
79.Michael Pryce$2,215.00
80.Isabelle Mercier$2,215.00
81.Robert Glenn$2,215.00
82.Asle Gtesteland$1,845.00
83.Tommy Tucker$1,845.00
84.John Gordon$1,845.00
85.Joseph Beevers$1,845.00
86.Scott Wilson$1,845.00
87.Jason Bloom$1,845.00
88.Alan Hance$1,845.00
89.Bobby Justice$1,845.00
90.Sean Colclough$1,845.00
91.Daniel Coury$1,625.00
92.KU Davis$1,625.00
93.Steven Sauser$1,625.00
94.Steve Zolotow$1,625.00
95.Andrew Bloch$1,625.00
96.Andrew Hallenbeck$1,625.00
97.Jason Strochak$1,625.00
98.Jonathan Dull$1,625.00
99.Jordan Siegel$1,625.00
100.Gerard Denham$1,625.00

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