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Poker Quiz

Tom McEvoy Tom McEvoy's 20 Questions
     -- Limit Hold 'Em

1) You are on the button with a pair of sevens, and five players have already limped into the pot. The player on your immediate right then decides to raise. What should you do?

2) You are in the small blind with a 10-4 of diamonds. There are four limpers. What should you do?

3) A solid player raises in the first position in front of the big blind. Another player calls the raise and then a tight player puts in another raise. You hold Ace-King on the button. What should you do?

4) Two players limped in, you have a 7-5 offsuit in the small blind, and you decide to call. The big blind then raises. What is your play?

5) You are dealt two fours in early position. What is your play?

6) Speaking of odds, if you are dealt two suited cards and two of your suit are on the flop, what are your chances of making your flush by the river?

7) More odds: If you hold two suited connectors, what are the chances you will flop a straight or a flush?

8) What are the right conditions to play two medium suited connectors such as 8-7?

9) You have two Jacks. One player has raised from middle position. You are next to the button, and no one else has entered the pot. What is your play?

10) You just sat down in a game full of strangers. There are two seats open. One seat is to the immediate right of a player who has the most chips, and the other is to his left. Which seat do you take, and why?

11) There are two open seats, one on either side of a super loose, agressive player. Where should you sit?

12) Same situation, except you can sit on either side of an extremely tight player. Where should you sit?

13) You are dealt two Queens in the middle position. Two people have already limped in. What is your play?

14) You are dealt Aces in the last position. What is your play?

15) You are in the middle position with an 8-9 of clubs. Three players have limped in. What is your play?

16) You are next to the button with Ace-Jack offsuit, nobody has entered the pot, and the player on your immediate right raises. He is an action player that raises a lot of pots. What do you do?

17) You have the same Ace-Jack offsuit on the button and a tight player raises out of middle position. What is your play?

18) A solid player -- not too tight -- raises in first position, everybody folds, and you have King-Queen offsuit on the button. What do you do?

19) You are in a ten-handed Hold 'Em game with several tough, aggressive players. You are under the gun with Ace-Jack. What do you do?

20) You are in a no-fold'em Hold 'Em game where almost every player is seeing each flop. There is not a lot of pre-flop raising. Most of the time everyone just calls to see a cheap flop. What do you do with a pair of twos under the gun.

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