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Myrl Unzelman

Myrl Unzelman
Player Information
Name: Myrl Unzelman
Location: Sioux Falls, SD, United States
Yearly Statistics: Click Here

Total Winnings: $115,915 (Includes all tournament winnings)

Myrl Unzelman Poker Results

Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic / WPT -Season 8
No Limit Hold'em
10th $2,689 Dec 7, 2009
Festa Al Lago Classic / WPT Season 8
No Limit Hold'em
17th $970 Oct 23, 2009
Festa Al Lago Classic / WPT Season 8
Seniors - No Limit Hold'em
11th $2,340 Oct 17, 2009
Deep Stack Extravaganza
No Limit Hold'em
21st $571 Feb 18, 2009
Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic / WPT Event Season 5
Event #11 - Seniors - No Limit Hold'em
2nd $75,480 Dec 13, 2006
No Limit Hold'em Tournament
No Limit Hold'em
7th $4,125 Jul 14, 2006
Festa al Lago II
No Limit Hold'em
6th $13,112 Jun 30, 2004
2003 Five Diamond - WPT Season 2
No Limit Hold'em
16th $6,540 Dec 8, 2003
Fall Poker Classic
Limit Hold'em
10th $352 Oct 4, 2003
Festa al Lago Poker Tournament
No Limit Hold'em
6th $6,006 Jun 23, 2003
Northwest Iowa Poker Championships
No Limit Hold'em
6th $1,580 Jun 8, 2003
South Dakota Poker Championship
No Limit Hold'em
2nd $2,150 Oct 14, 2001

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