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Opher Banarie

Opher Banarie is a software professional who took up poker while on the road in Northern California. He doesn't view himself as a pro, and has no intention to quit his day job. Poker offers him a change from the other activities in his life, and he tries to keep them all in balance.

Opher Banarie
Player Information
Name: Opher Banarie
Location: Laguna Niguel, CA, United States
Total Winnings: $14,530 (Includes all tournament winnings)
Marital Status: Seperated
Children: Two girls
Started Playing Poker: Summer 1996
Favorite Poker Game: No Limit Hold 'em
Ambition: To live life as it comes to me and have a good time.
Hobbies: Photography, computers, gadgets.
Favorite Movie: The Thin Man
Favorite Music: Dvorak Cello Concerto
Favorite Place: Haven't found it yet.
Favorite Celebrity: Aren't we all celebrities, after all?
If I could change anything in the world: Add a national plebiscite to the US Constitution.
If I could change anything in the poker world: Create a variation that has a surrender feature. It might be that you pay the full bet to see the flop, but if you fold you get half of it back. I think it could lead to more action and larger pots.

Opher Banarie Poker Results

Big Poker October
Event #7 - No Limit Hold'em
2nd $14,530 Oct 5, 2005

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