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Texas Flaniken

Texas Flaniken
Player Information
Name: Texas Flaniken AKA "Tex"
Location: Austin, TX, United States
Total Winnings: $34,543 (Includes all tournament winnings)
First Place Finishes: 1
Age: 76
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yes. Number: three.
Started Playing Poker: In high school, probably about 1954.
Favorite Poker Game: Pot-limit Hold 'em, medium stakes.
Ambition: To help adult Texans - and other adults living in Texas - learn the joys of playing poker in a public place in both a safe and secure environment close to their respective homes.
Hobbies: Observing my grandchildren and great-grand children enjoy life - but not so very often.
Favorite Movie: I have several but from a bygone era. Shane, A Big Hand for the Little Lady (original version)
Favorite Music: Old hill-billy type, older type country-western, some bluegrass, some jazz, some easy listening, etc
Favorite Celebrity: Most are dead and gone. Alive and kicking for a few more years; Clint Eastwood, maybe a few others.
Poker Players I Respect Most: The long-term players who have proven their ability to play both live-action poker and tournament poker successfully and who have successfully parlayed their own moneys into personal fortunes and pedigreed poker lifestyles through playing both numerous, various styles of poker tournaments and numerous, various styles and levels of live-action poker - over a very long period of time. To name names; I'll identify a couple that may not be known to everyone, Paul McKinney, Karl McElvey, also Tommy Grimes. Two of these are Texans who have had to travel out of state to develop and/or practice their skills at tournament play.
If I could change anything in the world: The attitude and psyche of malicious-minded, malevolent people in general to that of tolerance for the basic well being of their fellow mankind.
If I could change anything in the poker world: To increase the level of respect among legislatures of the State of Texas for the use of mental skills to play and compete at the game of poker at various levels.

Texas Flaniken Poker Results

Tournament of Champions
No Limit Hold'em
31st $6,000 Jul 26, 2000
Orleans Open
No Limit Hold'em
11th $2,990 Jul 23, 2000
Orleans Open
Limit 7 Card Stud
1st $18,500 Jul 10, 2000
30th Annual World Series of Poker
Event #11 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em
25th $4,305 May 6, 1999
29th Annual World Series of Poker
Event #9 - WSOP Pot Limit Hold'em
26th $2,748 Apr 29, 1998

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