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Tony Pusey

Have been away from serieous tournament play since 2007, but I'm back now! Weeeeeeee, this is fun.

Tony Pusey
Player Information
Name: Tony Pusey AKA "Button Pusher // Easy Tony"
Location: Jackson, MI, United States
Total Winnings: $4,582 (Includes all tournament winnings)
Age: 45
Marital Status: married
Children: 3
Started Playing Poker: House Game
Favorite Poker Game: Holdem
Ambition: To become wealthy be any legal means.
Hobbies: Basketball in different life. Perfecting my business interests.
Favorite Movie: Armageddon
Favorite Music: Hip Hop
Favorite Place: Maui, Hawaii
Favorite Celebrity: Vin Diesel
Poker Players I Respect Most: Phil Ivey
If I could change anything in the world: Racism
If I could change anything in the poker world: Poker players would be kinder and gentler toward new players. Week in week out we take every dime we can from new or unexperienced players. Then we wonder why, there are no new players. We don't ever let them win.

Tony Pusey Poker Results

38th Annual World Series of Poker
Event #27 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em
92nd $4,582 Jun 16, 2007

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