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All Time Seniors of Poker

Poker Players from around the World - Find out all you need to know about your favorite Poker Player. Read 1000's of Poker Players profiles, find out their favorite hobbies and read some in depth interviews. View our awesome photo gallery of the Worlds most famous Poker Players, Daniel Negreanu, Joe Hatchem and 2009 WSOP Champion Joe Cada. These players are in the top 20 of all time money winners on PokerPages and part of the Pro Team, a group of the most elite and well respected poker professionals in the World today. This section is the most comprehensive on the internet and will continue to grow as new information will be added regularly.

Current List: Seniors of Poker
Players who have participated in Senior tournaments, ranked by overall earnings.
Number 1
TJ Cloutier
TJ Cloutier

Number 2
Men Nguyen
Men Nguyen

Number 3
Hoyt Corkins
Hoyt Corkins

Number 4
Dennis Phillips
Dennis Phillips

Number 5
Humberto Brenes
Humberto Brenes

Player Location
6 Chris Bjorin London, United Kingdom $4,869,276
7 Dan Heimiller Henderson, NV, United States $4,722,278
8 Miami John Cernuto Las Vegas, NV, United States $4,684,829
9 Barry Shulman Las Vegas, NV, United States $4,660,090
10 Mike Sexton Las Vegas, NV, United States $4,610,406
11 Marcel Luske AKA "The Flying Dutchman" Amsterdam, Netherlands $4,326,124
12 Farzad Bonyadi Aliso Viejo, CA, United States $4,027,808
13 Hieu Ma AKA "Tony" South El Monte, CA, United States $3,788,629
14 Roger Hairabedian France $3,688,213
15 Kenna James AKA "Cowboy" Las Vegas, NV, United States $3,548,430
16 Roger Sippl Woodside, CA, United States $3,171,868
17 Toto Leonidas Glendale, CA, United States $3,154,135
18 Eric Hershler Los Angeles, CA, United States $3,023,163
19 Dan Kelly AKA "djk123" Potomac, MD, United States $3,018,259
20 Captain Tom Franklin Gulfport, MS, United States $3,002,785
21 Richard Lee San Antonio, TX, United States $3,002,777
22 Gioi Luong Westminster, CA, United States $2,909,944
23 David Levi Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,906,170
24 Randy Holland Winnetka, CA, United States $2,854,088
25 James Mackey Pottsville, AR, United States $2,790,181
26 Can Kim Hua AKA "CK" Rosemead, CA, United States $2,788,245
27 John Bonetti Houston, TX, United States $2,722,573
28 Peter Vilandos Houston, TX, United States $2,653,361
29 Barny Boatman Hendon, United Kingdom $2,567,105
30 David "C4" Plastik Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,404,261
31 Blair Rodman Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,392,789
32 Tom Schneider Scottsdale, AZ, United States $2,381,592
33 Thor Hansen El Segundo, CA, United States $2,380,321
34 Berry Johnston Bethany, OK, United States $2,319,159
35 Robert Varkonyi Great Neck, NY, United States $2,262,973
36 John Spadavecchia Lighthouse Pt., FL, United States $2,256,462
37 David Tran El Monte, CA, United States $2,249,706
38 John Esposito AKA "Espo" Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,167,665
39 Konstantin Puchkov Russia $2,164,765
40 Jean Paul Pasqualini France $2,145,068
41 Billy Baxter Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,124,064
42 Tom McEvoy AKA "pokerchump" Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,114,680
43 Peter Costa Leicester, United Kingdom $1,936,649
44 An "The Boss" Tran Las Vegas, NV, United States $1,916,421
45 Chris Reslock Atlantic City, NJ, United States $1,914,610
46 Sirous Jamshidi Broomall, PA, United States $1,834,511
47 Jimmy Tran Las Vegas, NV, United States $1,806,414
48 Michael Woo Hacienda Heights, CA, United States $1,802,644
49 Sean Jazayeri Irvine, WA, United States $1,675,689
50 Tom McCormick AKA "The Shamrock Kid" Fargo, ND, United States $1,672,489

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