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All Time WSOP Top Money Winners

WSOP Top Money Winners - The players listed below are the all time top money earners who have participated in the WSOP, WSOPE and WSOP APAC. Every wsop event result has been added to the PokerPages database to bring you the most comprehensive and up to date list on the internet today. The list will continue to grow and the players will change as new result information is added regularly. Click on each players name to take you through to their own profile page and learn more about them. You can like this page and share it with your friends on facebook via the links on the top of the page.

Current List: WSOP Top Money Winners
Players who have participated in World Series of Poker tournaments, ranked by overall earnings.
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Number 1
Antonio Esfandiari
Antonio Esfandiari

Number 2
Phil Hellmuth
Phil Hellmuth

Number 3
Jamie Gold
Jamie Gold

Number 4
Sam Trickett
Sam Trickett

Number 5
Greg Merson
Greg Merson

Player Location
6 Jonathan Duhamel Boucherville, QC, Canada $9,434,716
7 Peter Eastgate Odense, Denmark $9,397,607
8 Joe Cada Shelby Township, MI, United States $9,277,014
9 Pius Heinz Cologne, Germany $8,821,326
10 Ryan Riess AKA "Riess the Beast" East Lansing, MI, United States $8,392,140
11 Jerry Yang AKA "The Shadow" Temecula, CA, United States $8,268,066
12 Joe Hachem AKA "Hash" Melbourne, Australia $8,085,878
13 Allen Cunningham Las Vegas, NV, United States $7,086,948
14 Michael Mizrachi AKA "The Grinder" Hollywood, FL, United States $6,936,013
15 Ivan Demidov Moscow, Russian Federation $6,550,922
16 Greg "Fossilman" Raymer Raleigh, NC, United States $6,545,355
17 Paul Wasicka AKA "Kwickfish" Las Vegas, NV, United States $6,304,388
18 Daniel Negreanu AKA "Kid Poker" Las Vegas, NV, United States $6,186,211
19 Ben Lamb Tulsa, OK, United States $6,178,387
20 John Racener AKA "Spikey" Port Richey, FL, United States $6,075,764
21 Phil Ivey Las Vegas, NV, United States $5,940,522
22 John Juanda Marina Del Rey, CA, United States $5,676,018
23 Joseph Cheong La Mirada, CA, United States $5,672,421
24 Martin Staszko Czech Republic $5,475,581
25 Jesse Sylvia West Tilbury, MA, United States $5,342,933
26 Darvin Moon Oakland, MD, United States $5,182,928
27 Jay Farber Las Vegas, NV, United States $5,174,357
28 Michael Binger Las Vegas, NV, United States $5,164,461
29 Dennis Phillips Cottage Hills, IL, United States $5,097,590
30 Scotty Nguyen Las Vegas, NV, United States $5,074,729
31 David Einhorn NY, United States $5,011,730
32 Tony Gregg Annapolis, MD, United States $4,970,740
33 Chris Klodnicki Voorhees, NJ, United States $4,950,121
34 Tuan Lam Mississauga, ON, Canada $4,851,424
35 Erik Seidel Las Vegas, NV, United States $4,769,481
36 Amir Lehavot Weston, FL, United States $4,547,721
37 Johnny Chan Cerritos, CA, United States $4,455,464
38 Ylon Schwartz Austin, TX, United States $4,422,246
39 TJ Cloutier Richardson, TX, United States $4,386,958
40 David Williams Las Vegas, NV, United States $4,376,191
41 Steven Dannenmann AKA "Stevo" Severn, MD, United States $4,352,537
42 Brian Rast Las Vegas, NV, United States $4,074,870
43 Chris "Jesus" Ferguson Pacific Palisades / Las Vegas, CA, United States $4,069,904
44 J.C Tran Sacramento, CA, United States $3,840,714
45 Jacob Balsiger Tempe, AZ, United States $3,803,043
46 Josh Arieh Atlanta, GA, United States $3,795,715
47 Scott Montgomery AKA "r_a_y" Perth, ON, Canada $3,789,060
48 Daniel Alaei AKA "daniel" Los Angeles, CA, United States $3,756,904
49 Vitaly Lunkin Moscow, Russian Federation $3,720,993
50 Freddy Deeb Las Vegas, NV, United States $3,702,718
51 Antoine Saout Saint Martin des Champs, France $3,701,133
52 Huck Seed Las Vegas, NV, United States $3,605,374
53 Mike Matusow AKA "The Mouth" Las Vegas, NV, United States $3,576,144
54 Dan Harrington Santa Monica, CA, United States $3,528,705
55 David Chiu Rowland Heights, CA, United States $3,462,210
56 Jeff Lisandro AKA "Iceman" Salerno, Italy $3,450,021
57 Eric Buchman Valley Stream, NY, United States $3,417,801
58 Matt Giannetti Las Vegas, NV, United States $3,401,172
59 Rhett Butler Rockville, MD, United States $3,221,237
60 Men "The Master" Nguyen Bell Gardens, CA, United States $3,165,693
61 Carlos Mortensen AKA "El Matador" Henderson, NV, United States $3,117,062
62 Russell Thomas Wallingford, PA, United States $3,108,050
63 Filippo Candio Cagliari, Italy $3,101,003
64 Raymond Rahme Johannesburg, South Africa $3,091,014
65 Doyle Brunson Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,973,218
66 Erick Lindgren Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,966,862
67 Barry Greenstein Rancho Palo Verde, CA, United States $2,940,618
68 Andy Bloch Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,934,107
69 John Barch AKA "Tex" McKinney, TX, United States $2,876,455
70 Richard Lee San Antonio, TX, United States $2,866,746
71 Jeremy Ausmus Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,803,867
72 Sylvain Loosli France $2,792,533
73 Steve Sung AKA "Gameover" Torrance, CA, United States $2,674,111
74 Duane Tomko AKA "Dewey" Winter Haven, FL, United States $2,660,434
75 Alex Kravchenko Moscow, Russian Federation $2,656,532
76 Layne Flack AKA "back-2-back flack" Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,624,798
77 Sam Farha Houston, TX, United States $2,583,115
78 David Bach AKA "Gunslinger" Athens, GA, United States $2,556,738
79 Chris Moneymaker Spring Hill, TN, United States $2,532,041
80 Darus Suharto Toronto, ON, Canada $2,480,243
81 Erik Friberg AKA "Lilar" Stockholm, Sweden $2,475,628
82 Mike Sexton Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,470,395
83 Chris Bjorin London, United Kingdom $2,409,632
84 Douglas Kim Hartsdale, NY, United States $2,394,556
85 Jeff Shulman Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,393,664
86 Peter Vilandos Houston, TX, United States $2,385,474
87 Chris Moorman Brighton, United Kingdom $2,385,163
88 David Rheem AKA "Chino" Los Angeles, CA, United States $2,369,064
89 Shawn Buchanan Abbotsford, BC, Canada $2,336,653
90 Aaron Kanter AKA "The Giant Killer" Elk Grove, CA, United States $2,322,557
91 Matt Glantz Lafayette Hill, PA, United States $2,314,599
92 David "Chip" Reese Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,300,855
93 Andy Black Dublin, Ireland $2,285,815
94 Phillip Collins Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,269,599
95 Marc Etienne McLaughlin Canada $2,240,192
96 Humberto Brenes San Jose, CA, United States $2,226,602
97 Brandon Cantu Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,211,503
98 Jeff Madsen Las Vegas, NV, United States $2,186,652
99 Matthew Ashton United Kingdom $2,185,186
100 Lee Watkinson Lakebay, WA, United States $2,162,977

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