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Andrew Frankenberger Talks 'Blocker-Bets'

Successful pro Andrew Frankenberger has spoken about the importance of using 'blocker bets' in live tournament play. Frankenberger learnt the lesson the hard way in the World Poker Tour Legends of Poker Main Event.

The 2011 World Series of Poker bracelet winner was involved in a betting war with renowned pro Charlie Hook before the river completed a low-five card straight without any flush draws.

Frankenberger opted to check as he believed that both he and Hook held premium hands and there was a likelihood that the pot would be chopped. However, Hook took advantage of that play and fired an overbet, leaving Frankenberger in a tough position.

“What I should have done was put in a blocker-bet, something that looked like a value bet and that he couldn't raise as a bluff. Worst-case scenario, he'd call the bet and we'd chop it. Best case scenario, he'd convince himself that I had the higher straight and fold.”

Frankenberger eventually mucked his hand and his opponent flipped over Ace-high. The young pro admits that the hand may have been a blessing in disguise as the 'block-bet' is now an important aspect of his game.

“A good player will use a blocker-bet the same way that he value bets the nuts in order to keep his opponents off balance. Sometimes, I'll use the blocker-bet with a draw, in an effort to get a cheap or even free look at the next hand.”

Frankenberger recovered from the hand in question, eventually taking down the event for a $750,000 jackpot. The New York resident added a first WSOP bracelet to his resume this summer after besting a 2,500 runner field in the $1,500 No Limit Hold'em event. He has now earned over $1.8 million during his career.

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