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Five Important Beginner Poker Player Tips

Learning poker is a daunting process. Luckily, there is loads of poker information that will provide you with top tips to guide you as a beginner poker player.

Consider Your Strategy
When betting it's important to be patient: be prepared to fold early and only play if you have a good hand. You should also play aggressively by raising when you have a good hand. Also, try to figure out your opponent to guess what they might have.

Pick Out Your Opponent
Beware of tight aggressive players as a beginner poker player. They’ll happily relieve you of your bankroll. Fast and loose players tend to win big and lose big, sometimes paying off huge bets.

Figure Your Opponent Out
If you are playing online poker then you will not have the advantage of reading your opponent's physical gestures and facial expressions. Online, bet timing and betting patterns offer similar information. Hesitation can possibly mean weakness whereas rapid fire betting can mean strength, depending on the opponent.  

Avoid Over-Confidence
It is easy to bet more with your emotions rather than your head when you start to win big. Always proceed with caution and consider your bets carefully.

Always Keep a Low Profile
Don't be tempted to tell anyone in a poker chat room how well or not well you're doing. Don't ever be tempted to give out personal information, especially where you live and what you've won.

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