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How to Survive a Game of Poker as the Underdog

As a beginner poker player, the chances of you being the underdog are very high. This, of course, is not the best situation. However, there are certain tactics that can help you out.

Creating the right image

Try and pigeonhole yourself as a tight player. Only play very good hands at first, so that with any large bets you present your opponents fold. Once you've made this impression, you can bluff as much as you want and win yourself some small pots.

Choose the right buy-in

Don't choose a buy-in that is too large for you. Your betting will be tainted with fear and you probably won't make the right decisions. However, if you're at such a table, a good move is to convince your opponents that you're not afraid to lose. For example, if you know your opponent won't call, go all-in. This will make the other players more wary.

Playing the fish

If you're the only beginner poker player at the table, your opponents will no doubt underestimate your skill. Play with this assumption and make yourself look worse before taking all their money. The traits of a fish are running after flush draws and holding onto aces. If you discover you always have the ace and suited cards, you can bluff a lot of pots.

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