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Online High Stakes Cash Game Round Up: David 'Deldar182' Eldar Dominates

David 'Deldar182' Eldar was the surprise name at the top of the online high stakes cash game charts last week after grinding over 10,000 hands on the world's largest poker site, PokerStars.

Eldar earned $183,406 across 193 sessions. Those figures meant he was the biggest winner online for the week. While Eldar is not a renowned name on the virtual felt, the Australian has a pedigree in live tournaments following a successful year on the PokerStars European Poker Tour in 2009.

Eldar did come up against a red hot Theo 'Theo J' Jorgensen earlier in the week. The Team PokerStars Pro took down a $59,920 pot involving Eldar and Terje 'Terken89' Augdal after rivering a straight.

However, Jorgsensen's most lucrative session came at the mid-stakes. One notable hand saw the Dane call down a three bet from 'Nussdorf' with A-2-3-4. Four players eventually made it to the 5-6-A rainbow flop.

Jorgensen slow played before calling off his whole stack on the turned 2. 'bling1516' was the only player to make the call but his modest two pair was crushed by Jorgensen's straight. The blanked Jack on the river changed nothing as Jorgensen snared the $62,296 pot.

Those exploits meant 'Theo J' ended the week with profits of $143,721.  Nosebleed regulars 'verve.oasis' (+$146,234) and Rui 'PepperoniF' Cao rounded out the top five biggest winners online.

It was not such a good week for Russian pro, Alexey 'LuckyGump' Makarov. Makarov bled $239,375 in various sessions. Ben 'Sauce123' Sulsky (-$122,528), 'f2fish' ($62,185) and Augdal (-$176,128) also struggled.