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Phil Hellmuth Eliminated on Poker After Dark

Phil Hellmuth, Chris Ferguson and Mike Matusow starred in the latest batch of Poker After Dark episodes which aired on NBC last week.

The second part of the $100,000 Cash Game kicked off with Jean-Robert Bellande in a difficult spot after he called down a flopped shove from Ferguson with  A-Qos. Ferguson's top pair held as Bellande was reduced to a mere $5,000.

Bellande's run ended when his final shove with A-4 failed to outdraw Hellmuth's pocket sixes. Bellande's exit opened up a seat for Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi, who returned from the business commitments which saw him take a brief hiatus during week one.

Peter Jetten then managed to extract maximum value with a flopped nut-straight against Brandon Adams. Adams, holding second pair, thought Jetten was bluffing after the latter fired an $26,000 overbet on the river. Adams made the call as Jetten shipped the $73,100 pot.

Hellmuth and Matusow then surprisingly agreed to reduce the chips in a pot after both players had shoved with premium hands. Mattusow was the slight favorite with pocket jacks and his pair improved to a set on the J-3-9-A-Q board as he snared the modest $21,600 pot.

That hand sparked a downward spiral for Helmuth and the multi-World Series of Poker bracelet winner found himself on the rail when he called down an all in move from Mizrachi. Hellmuth's hand of A-Qos was dominated by Mizrachi's A-K and the dry board sent the 'Poker Brat' to the nearest exit.

Mizrachi ended the second week as one of the biggest winners, erasing his previous $30,000 losses to record a $69,000 upswing. Ferguson (+$78,000) was the only player who posted better figures during the $100,000 Cash Game.