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PokerPages Counts Down the Top Five Poker Tournament Money Winners

Playing a game online or even in a casino for a few bucks is all very well but have you ever wondered who's won the most money through poker? Find out who the most elite and pro tournament poker players are in the world and how much they're (currently) worth.

#5 - John Juanda
With a total winnings of $11,993,013 in 189 cashes, Juanda comes in fifth. He was born in Indonesia but moved to the US in 1990 to study at the University of Oklahoma. He has won 24 times in first place and walked away with four WSOP bracelets.

#4 - Jamie Gold
Born in Malibu, California, Gold comes in at fourth place with $12,228,141. Known for his calm composure he has managed 23 cashes, two first places finishes and won one WSOP bracelet. He became the biggest winner in poker history when he took the pot, which amounted to more than twelve million, in the WSOP 2006 championship.

#3 - Erik Seidel
A close third, Seidel has total winnings of $13,469,689. Born in New York he actually started off playing backgammon before moving to the stock market and then poker. He's also managed 22 first place finishes and won eight WSOP bracelets.

#2 - Phil Ivey
In second position Ivey is not far off with his total winnings of $13,873,862. Nicknamed the 'Tiger Woods' of poker (one of his hobbies is actually golf) he has accumulated his money in 118 cashes. Ivey boasts 22 first place finishes and a total of eight WSOP bracelets.

#1 - Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu currently stands in first place with whopping total winnings of $14,673,243. He's managed 34 first place finishes and won four WSOP bracelets so far. Born in Toronto and already playing at 15, he moved to Las Vegas at the age of 21 to start up poker full-time.