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The PokerStars VIP Club Allows Players of All Levels Earn and Win

August is a big month for PokerStars bonuses with as the PokerStars Mega Month. The ongoing VIP Club is a way in which players can earn both status and points. Every PokerStars game that you pay a fee to enter will award you VIP Player Points, (VPPs) and Frequent Player Points (FPPs). For example, the higher your club status, through your VPPs the more FPPs you can earn.

The rewards start to come depending on how many points you have managed to earn during the course of a month for FPPs and the VPPs are calculated on both a monthly and a yearly basis. You start as a ‘BronzeStar’ and then when you have won sufficient VPPs, you can climb to the SilverStar Status and even higher.

The August Mega Month promotion means that you can jump from BronzeStar to SilverStar, and develop your club status with far fewer VPPs than usual. In fact the monthly VPPs targets are being dropped by 10% to give players an even better chance of winning cash, tourney entrance fees and goodies from the. the VIP Store with their increased FPPs. Oh, and there’s a sale on at the store. You can also use your FPPs to win seats in live events, go to the ‘Events’ button in the PokerStars lobby to see how you could transform your FPPs into millions of dollars.