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Types of Poker Players

When you start out as a beginner poker player, it's especially important to know as much about your opponents as possible. Read on to find out the main types of player you'll be betting against.

Loose/Aggressive players

These players play a lot of hands. After or before a flop, they're more than willing to raise bets and it's hard to bluff against them. They tend to win a lot of small pots but if your hand's strong, they'll generally lose.

Loose/Passive players

A loose, passive player is renowned for playing basically any hand. Whatever their two cards, they'll call right up to the river and tend to lose out, due to overplaying half a hand. Nicknamed 'calling stations', it's easy to win money off them due to their betting style.

Tight/Aggressive players

Regarded as the best type, they play with the best starting hand and will raise bets in order to make the most money from the hand they have. If the odds are not in their favor, they tend to simply fold. A good tip: don't try and bluff against these players.

Tight/Passive players

A tight passive player only plays when they possess a good hand. They don't tend to know what to do on or after a flop. They definitely don't take any risks with their poker bets and will usually check, as opposed to raise. They can do well against weak players but not strong ones.

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