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What Not to Do While Playing Poker

Every poker player bets with, and plays by, their own poker rules and strategies. However, as a beginner poker player there are a few points you should be aware of that are universal within this game.

Avoid playing recklessly. If you want to take the game seriously and bet with really money then this is important: you need to be disciplined and make good decisions.

Making mistakes
As a beginner poker player you're bound to make mistakes. However, resist dwelling on them and move on. If you want to get better at poker then it's good to make errors but then learn from them.

Playing like a fish
'Fish', or 'calling stations' as they're otherwise known, are notorious for calling when they realize they've been beaten and, therefore, end up handing out a lot of money. Any money you lose adds up eventually. So, even though it might be cheap to stay in it doesn't automatically mean that it's the best move.

Rushed decisions
A great aspect about poker betting is that you can take your time: think over your decisions carefully, consider all the information and don't be tempted to rush in.

Poor cards
A common mistake made by beginner poker players, especially online, is playing a poor hand. Occasionally they can work against your opponents. However, it makes more sense to stick with good hands.

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