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Will Molson Accuses Chino Rheem of Failure to Repay

It has only been a short few day since the scandal surrounding Jose 'Girah' Macedo's external super user scam hit the poker world but already there has been another cheating player exposed on the TwoPlusTwo forums.

Live tournament regular Will 'molswi47' Molson has alleged that David 'Chino' Rheem has not repaid a $40,000 sum he gave to the pro almost twelve months ago. “I feel bad that I delayed sharing this story for so long and missed an opportunity to warn others after recently seeing Ben Lamb and others get screwed over by Chino. I am going to try and make this short and to the point.”

Molson then outlined how he had initially offered to lend Rheem and Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi $20,000 so they could buy in to a PokerStars European Poker Tour Event in London last year.

However, a mistake when sending the transfer led to both elite pros receiving $40,000. Whilst Mizrachi quickly paid back the amount at the end the tournament in the English capital, Rheem did not, despite running deep in the tournament. “After weeks and weeks of trying to get my money I finally get a text from him saying I'm broke and I can't get you the money...Chino still 'owes' me 40k almost a year later.”

If the allegations are found to be true, it will be a significant blow to Rheem's reputation. The Los Angeles resident has regular on the tournament scene for six years and has amassed over $4 million in career earnings.