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Matt Graham Wins Event 40 at World Series of Poker

Tue, Jun 23rd, 2009 @ 12:00am

Last Year's $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha World Championship was won by Martin Smyth, who bested the field of 381 players to take home his first WSOP bracelet, along with $859,549 in spending money. At this year's World Series of Poker event, Martin did not even make the money.

The final day of the 2009 $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha World Championship began with 25 returning players, all hoping to take home the top prize of $679,379. Only 295 players participated this year, resulting in a somewhat smaller prize pool.

The final table convened following the dinner break with a lineup filled with pros:

  • Seat 1: Ferit Gabriellson -- 1,200,000
  • Seat 2: Matt Graham -- 1,400,000
  • Seat 3: Barry Greenstein -- 780,000
  • Seat 4: Josh Arieh -- 1,050,000
  • Seat 5: Stefan Mattsson -- 850,000
  • Seat 6: Richard Austin -- 1,030,000
  • Seat 7: Van Marcus -- 500,000
  • Seat 8: Vitaly Lunkin -- 850,000
  • Seat 9: Robin Keston -- 1,000,000
  • Matt GrahamThree-time WSOP bracelet winner Barry Greenstein was next to last in chips and gambled early, getting his chips in on the flop holding top pair with straight wrap and flush draw. Vitaly Lunkin looked him up with pocket Aces and open-ender that would chop if it hit. Barry missed all of his outs and Vitaly took the pot with Aces. Barry finished in 9th place, earning $82,746. This was his fifth cash of this year's WSOP.

    Richard Austin picked up his first WSOP bracelet just three days ago when he won the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha title along with over $409,000. He ended up a few spots shy of picking up another bracelet today when he got it in with bottom pair and a straight wrap against Vitaly Lunkin’s pocket Kings and flush draw. The flush came through for Vitaly and Richard's hopes for a two-fer were flushed. Richard added another $88,681 to his bankroll for his 8th place finish.

    Josh Arieh already owns two WSOP bracelets, one of which he won playing the $2,000 Pot Limit Omaha event in 2005, but most people remember him for his 3rd place finish in the 2004 WSOP Main Event ($2.5 million). After doubling up Van Marcus, Josh was left short and got his chips in with AAxx, only to get action from Ferit Gabriellson, who held KKxx. Ferit caught two more Kings on the board to make quads and bust Josh in the process. Josh picked up $99,856 for 7th place.

    The final six jousted for over two hours, trading pots back and forth. Then finally the logjam broke and Stefan Mattsson made his desperation shove with QJT8 single-suited. He ran smack into Vitaly Lunkin's AAK3 double-suited. The board bricked out and Vitaly's Aces took the pot unimproved. Stefan took 6th place and $118,463.

    Right on his heels, Ferit Gabriellson got his last chips in on a flop of A K 5, holding KJ98 for top pair. His opponent was Matt Graham, who held JJT3 for the under-pair. Then a Jack spiked on the turn giving Matt the set and the lead. After the river blanked, Matt took the pot. Ferit took 5th place and $148,439.

    Robin Keston decided to make his stand with KT76 single-suited. Matt Graham looked him up with AT98 single-suited. The board ran out J 5 2 3 A and Matt took the pot with a mere pair of Aces. Robin's take for 4th place was $196,994.

    Matt was on fire and next had Van Marcus all-in holding an inferior QJJ7 single-suited. Matt's AAJ9 single-suited was ahead the whole way, but improved to a set when an Ace hit the turn. Van was dispatched in 3rd place, earning $278,409.

    Matt had edged out Vitaly Lunkin for the chip lead, beginning heads-up play with 4.5 million to Vitaly's 4.35 million.

    Matt was building his chip lead when a pivotal hand came down. Matt had flopped top two pair against Vitaly's bottom two pair with nut-flush draw. They got all the chips in the middle and Vitaly made his flush on the turn. He doubled up, taking an almost 2-to-1 chip lead on Matt.

    Vitaliy LunkinMatt didn't give up, however, and continued to play back at Vitaly aggressively. He doubled up with straight over straight to get back in the game, then continued to force Vitaly off his hands. Matt reclaimed the chip lead as they approached 15 hours of play.

    Then in a flash, they were all-in pre-flop. Vitaly was all-in at-risk holding AK53 (single-suited in clubs). Matt held QQ87 (double-suited). The flop came A 4 2 with two clubs, giving Vitaly the lead with a wheel and nut flush redraw. Matt was dead to runner-runner. The last two came offsuit 2 6 and Vitaly doubled to approximately 8.2 million, leaving about 600k for Matt.

    Matt continued to battle back, doubling up three times after being all-in pre-flop. The third double gave him a slim chip lead over Vitaly.

    The final hand saw the chips go in on the turn with a board of TD 6D 4H 9S. Matt held TT65 for top set. Vitaly held KD JS 9D 2D for the flush draw with gutshot. River was the AS and Matt's set was good to take the pot.

    The stacks were very close and had to be counted down very carefully. Matt had him by a nose and it was OVER!!

    Matt Graham finished in 1st place, earning $679,379 and his first WSOP bracelet.

    Vitaly Lunkin finished in 2nd place, narrowly missing his third WSOP bracelet and second of this WSOP, earning $419,832.

    Results of Event #40 Final Table:

  • 1..Matt Graham..(New Orleans, LA, USA).. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $679,379
  • 2..Vitaly Lunkin.. (Moscow, Russian Federation).. .. .. .. .. .. ..$419,832
  • 3.. Van Marcus .. .. ..(Mill Park, Australia).. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $278,409
  • 4.. Robin Keston .. ..(London, UK) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. $196,994
  • 5.. Ferit Gabriellson .. .. (Stockholm, Sweden).. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..$148,439
  • 6.. Stefan Mattsson .. .. ..( Stockholm, Sweden).. .. .. .. .. .. .. $118,462
  • 7.. Josh Arieh .. .. .. .. .. .. (Atlanta, GA, USA).. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..$99,856
  • 8.. Richard Austin .. .. .. (Virginia Beach, VA, USA).. .. .. .. ..$88,681
  • 9.. Barry Greenstein .. .. (Rancho Palo Verde, CA, USA).. ..$82,746
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