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'26071985' Wins Latest Edition of PokerStars Sunday Warm-up

It was numbers all the way at the PokerStars Sunday Warm-up this week.

  The numerically named ‘26071985’ beat the 4,717 other competitors to claim the $148,034.11 first prize.

The best of the Team PokerStars players was Christophe De Meulder who finished 87th and earned $1,266.68.

The first to go from the final table was ‘RealDD’.  The advantage from the deal was with ‘RealDD’ who was sitting with Ace/Ten over Ten/Queen for ‘26071985’.  The river was to complete a nut straight for the eventual winner when a nine joined the jack and eight from the flop.  ‘RealDD’ earned $7,548.80.

Next to go at the hand of ‘26071985’ was ‘Banderivets’.  The Ace/King combination in hand was better than ‘26071985’s Ace/Queen, but a lady on the third card of the flop sent the native of Kiev tumbling out in eighth, having won $11,795.

‘Mmaxx2009’ was the next victim of the rampant chip leader.  ‘26071985’s Ace/Jack held sway over ‘Mmaxx2009’s Ace/Ten.  A nine and a seven on the flop, followed by an eight on the turn gave ‘Mmaxx2009’ some hope, but a second eight on the river condemned the Russian player to seventh and a prize of $21,231.

For the first time at the final table, ‘26071985’ was not involved in an elimination.  ‘P1ngpongpr0’ was behind to ‘Jiigsaw’s pocket Queens with an Ace/King in hand.  An Ace on the flop was to prove decisive and end ‘Jiigsaw’s evening in sixth place and with winnings of $30,667.

The next player to leave was ‘Me12640’.  An Ace in hand and one on the flop was enough for ‘P1ingpongpr0’ to win the hand and condemn ‘Me12640’ to fifth place and the consolation prize of $40,103.

‘26071985’ was back on the elimination trail when ‘Lecherous’ was the next to try to stand against the chip leader.  With pocket Threes, ‘Lecherous’ was ahead but an Eight and a Seven on the flop, followed by a Ten on the turn gave ‘26071985’ a straight.  ‘Lecherous’ finished with $53,313.40 for fourth.

An Ace/Queen in hand was all that the top player needed to put’ Biotop’s Ace/Jack to the sword as the flop, turn and river offered no help to the Swiss player.  ‘Biotop’ earned $77,847 for finishing the day in third.

‘P1ngpongpr0’ was the sixth and final victim of the dominant ‘26071985’.  Pocket Sixes were a good start for ‘P1ngpongpr0’, however the river was to be the crucial factor for the champion when a Queen arrived to give ‘26071985’ the stronger pair.  ‘P1ngpongpr0’ could feel proud of finishing in second with $109,929.40 while the ‘26071985’ was top dog.