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Choose Your Sunday Tourament and Get in the Action at PokerStars

Although the WCOOP competition is still holding top place with online poker tournaments this month, there is still a huge interest in the Sunday Million, one of PokerStars premier competitions. Due to the great format, PokerStars Sunday Tournaments draw in the large crowds at the weekends. You can also count on top prize pools and good value buy-ins, making this competition well worth a visit.

We start off Sunday with the Sunday Kickoff at 08:00 ET, things ignite later in Europe and a much later at night for the west coast poker players. The Kickoff has a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000 and with the buy-in being only $109 its great way to get PokerStars Sunday Tournaments going.

Next on the timetable, we have the Sunday Warm-Up, which will keep you interested in online poker. This game has a guaranteed $500k and to join in the fun you only have to pay $215. This great poker action gets going at 13:00 ET with weather warnings to follow when the Sunday Storm thunders into action at 15:00. The buy-in here is only $11 with PokerStars guaranteeing $200,000 in cash prizes for this event.

The big game starts at 16.30 with the PokerStars Sunday Million. This is the weekend’s most loved online poker event. It is easy to understand why this online poker tournament is so popular, with $1 million plus on the table. The buy-in costs $215 making this game terrific value for money. First place is usually a whopping six-figure cash-in.
After the exuberance of the Sunday Million, it’s time for you to relax a little with the Sunday 500, which gets underway at 17:30. This game has a buy-in of $513, which will get you started in the tournament. The prize pool for the Sunday 500 is guaranteed to be more than a huge $250,000. Then the evening starts to cool down with the Sunday Second Chance, which starts at 18:30 ET. There is a $215 buy-in and this game gives PokerStars players a lifeline, a second chance at winning a piece of the $125,000 on the table.