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Lenaghan Leads As Day 6 Comes To A Close!

Day 6 began with 142 players and now only 57 remain. Of those 57, eight will become millionaires and one will have the distinction of being crowned a WSOP champion. After todays play, the man to beat is Ryan Lehaghan with an astounding 12,865,000 in chips. Rounding out the top five are Ben Lamb (9,800,000), Matt Giannetti (7,490,000), Andrey Pateychuk (7,255,000), and Phil Collins (7,240,000).

Early on in the day it seemed like we were all spectators to the Phil Collins show (not to be confused with a Genesis concert). Collins dominated the featured table throughout the day, sending home former November Niner Joseph Cheong in the process. Collins also had the distinction of being the first player to cross the ten million chip mark. Since then, however, he has dropped a bit, but still retains one of the top chip positions. Our chip leader, Ryan Lenaghan, gained most of his chips in an interesting pot with Bryan Follain. Read more