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Is Poker Growing?

The Industry Index (PPII) utilizes live tournament poker buy-in$ data to measure the popularity of poker, worldwide.'s Key Buy-In Index measures changes in total poker tournament buy-in dollars. By following the index, the public gains insight to changes in the size of the poker market, helping answer the question: IS POKER GROWING?

The PPII also includes two other measures; the Entrants Index, which measures changes in the # of tournament entries in the month, and the Average Buy-In per Entry Index, which measures changes in the average buy-in stakes for tournaments. Together they provide additional insight into what is driving changes in the poker industry.

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*An index is an easy way for you to see whether or not the value is GROWING or DECLINING. A figure greater than 100 indicates growth ie. 115 indicates 15% growth vs. the same period last year. A figure less than 100 indicates a decline 85 for example indicates a decline of 15%.
January 2015

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