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Event #6 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Results & Report

37th Annual World Series of Poker

Event #6 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
3700 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89103, US
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Mark Vos AKA "pokerbok" Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! (Redux)
Australian poker pro Mark Vos wins $803,274 WSOP event attracts near record-field of nearly two-thousand players Las...
Profile: Mark Vos AKA "pokerbok"
Date: July 1, 2006 Time: 12:00 PM

Buy-In: $2,000
Prizepool: $3,492,580
Entries: 1,919
Game Type: No Limit Hold'em

Place Country Name Prize
1 Australia Mark Vos AKA "pokerbok" $803,274
2 USA Nam Le $401,647
3 USA John Reiss $209,555
4 USA Thomas Hunt III $160,659
5 USA Willard Chang $136,211
6 USA Kevin Peterson AKA "Bleu" $115,255
7 USA Vanessa Selbst $101,285
8 USA David Wells $87,315
9 USA Juan Carlos Mortensen AKA "El Matador" $73,344
10 USA Toto Leonidas $59,374
11 USA Steve Conigliaro $55,881
12 USA Raymond Millard $52,389
13 USA Jack Ernest Ward $48,896
14 USA Chuck Thompson $45,404
15 USA Ray Foley $41,911
16 USA Yarom Limor AKA "braveyoyo" $38,418
17 France Ryan Krall $34,926
18 USA Jim Stoisades $31,433
19 USA Garrett Allen AKA "got an arm" $27,941
20 USA Billy Baxter $27,941
21 Italy Max "Italian Pirate" Pescatori $27,941
22 USA Diego Garcia $24,448
23 USA Carlos Zambrano $24,448
24 USA Randall Swope $24,448
25 Jeff Ashton $20,955
26 USA Eng Tay $20,955
27 USA Randy Lowery $20,955
28 USA Herbert Cheng AKA "The Slasher" $17,463
29 Canada Keith Wintermans $17,463
30 USA Roy Thung $17,463
31 USA Minh Nguyen $13,970
32 USA Noah Nodine $13,970
33 USA Tom Kierstead $13,970
34 USA Peirce Shaad $12,224
35 USA Hieu Ma AKA "Tony" $12,224
36 USA David Gregory $12,224
37 France Bertrand Grospellier AKA "ElkY" $10,478
38 USA Matt Lefkowitz $10,478
39 USA Thomas Antonucci AKA "Nooch" $10,478
40 James Gaulen $10,478
41 USA Dwayne Boring $10,478
42 USA Luis Gonzalez $10,478
43 Drew Porter $10,478
44 Netherlands Peter Dalhuijsen $10,478
45 USA Norman Lapin $10,478
46 USA Brian Lindsay $8,731
47 USA Jennifer Harman AKA "Jen" $8,731
48 Douglas White $8,731
49 USA Josh VanDuyn $8,731
50 Takatoshi Vei $8,731
51 Alon Guttman $8,731
52 USA Sam Kim $8,731
53 USA Jose Rosenkrantz $8,731
54 Mo Solara $8,731
55 USA Francois Safieddine $6,985
56 USA Michael Abdoulah $6,985
57 USA Evan Brown $6,985
58 USA Cyndy Violette $6,985
59 USA Mike Addy $6,985
60 Josh Sysak $6,985
61 USA Steve Cowley $6,985
62 USA Moshe Elezar $6,985
63 USA Lonnie Heimowitz $6,985
64 USA Benjamin Lin $6,985
65 USA Jason Stern $6,985
66 USA Hung Doan $6,985
67 USA Eric Vogelstein $6,985
68 USA Michael Simpson AKA "Bart" $6,985
69 USA Ray Blodgett $6,985
70 USA John Taylor AKA "Jet" $6,985
71 USA Chris Roth $6,985
72 USA Steve Happas AKA "Dakota" $6,985
73 USA Andrew Ball $5,239
74 USA Joe Nekrasz $5,239
75 USA Eriberto Soto $5,239
76 Sweden Jonas Johansson $5,239
77 USA Jean Robert Bellande $5,239
78 USA Chris Reslock $5,239
79 USA Marc Durand $5,239
80 USA Humberto Brenes $5,239
81 USA Steve Fox $5,239
82 Darryl Hoey $5,239
83 Walter Tipton $5,239
84 USA Johnny Chan $5,239
85 USA Diana Eiges $5,239
86 USA Greg Violette $5,239
88 USA Jared Woodin $5,239
89 USA Scott Fischman $5,239
90 USA Parimal Parmar AKA "Primo" $5,239
91 USA Tim Davis $5,239
92 USA Mike Kachan AKA "The Battler" $5,239
93 Canada Cesidio Ricci $5,239
94 USA Kenneth Justin $5,239
95 Al Horwitz $5,239
96 USA Brett Kell $5,239
97 USA Trent Schuler $5,239
98 USA Michael Raimon $5,239
99 USA John Esposito AKA "Espo" $5,239
100 USA Richard Sharpe $5,239
101 Steve Kassi $5,239
102 James Kichburg $5,239
103 USA Thomas Sanduski $5,239
104 USA Delainey Blakeney $5,239
105 Alvin Shaham $5,239
106 Sweden Adam Nilsson $5,239
107 USA Chad Bradbury $5,239
108 USA Lucio Procopio $5,239
109 Joshua McDroom $3,493
110 Paul Noldes $3,493
111 USA Charles Culp $3,493
112 Dave Morrison $3,493
113 USA Alon Doitch $3,493
114 USA Dana Diephouse $3,493
115 Todd Colpatrick $3,493
116 USA Kent Washington $3,493
117 USA Marcello Cabrera $3,493
118 USA Darius Zolnor $3,493
119 USA John Turley $3,493
120 USA Joanne "JJ" Liu $3,493
121 USA Avi Freedman $3,493
122 USA Mahmond Mostafa $3,493
123 John Tsai $3,943
124 Mark Stinson $3,943
125 USA Gary Lent $3,493
126 USA Assani Fisher AKA "Icy Pots" $3,493
127 USA Jonathan Hart $3,493
128 USA Kendall Copp $3,493
129 USA Jerry Dixon $3,493
130 Australia Gary Benson $3,493
131 USA Barry Werthmann $3,493
132 USA Justin Marchand $3,493
133 USA Bruno Fiorenza AKA "Da Butcher" $3,493
134 USA Kenneth Fitzgerald $3,493
135 USA Michael Bittan AKA "Michel" $3,493
136 USA Jerri Thomas $3,493
137 USA Alvin Zeidenfeld AKA "Al_Smooth" $3,493
138 USA John Minor $3,493
139 USA Gregg Turk $3,493
140 USA Shelly Zimbric $3,493
141 USA Kent Lindblom $3,493
142 USA Samuel Eden $3,493
143 UK Willie Tann $3,493
144 USA William Meenhofen $3,493
145 USA Blair Rodman $3,493
146 Finland Ville Wahlbeck $2,794
147 UK Dave Colclough $2,794
148 USA Napoleon Ta $2,794
149 USA Jon Lactaoen $2,794
150 USA John D'Agostino AKA "Jdags" $2,794
151 USA Todd Krauss $2,794
152 Ireland Padraig Parkinson $2,794
153 USA Sirous Baghchehsaraie $2,794
154 USA Fahrhad Kohani $2,794
155 USA Lee Kimmel $2,794

Tournament Report

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! (Redux)

Australian poker pro Mark Vos wins $803,274

WSOP event attracts near record-field of nearly two-thousand players

Las Vegas, NV - Mark Vos has a plan. And, despite winning over three-quarters of a million dollars tonight, he's sticking to it. You see, Vos - at the tender age of 23 - made a personal decision that he will spend the next five years of his life'working' and the five years immediately after that'relaxing.' Vos' plan is to play poker (which he defines as'work') and then take the second-half of a decade off.

It's an unconventional career path to say the least. If'work' means coming to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker, overwhelming a near-record field of 1,919 players, and earning $803,274 in just three days, then - then, there are certainly worse jobs. One has to ask,'Are there any job openings left? Where does one sign up?' Indeed, Vos won the $2,000 buy-in no-limit hold'em championship and earned his very first WSOP gold bracelet.

Vos, a college student-turned-poker player from Brisbane became only the third Australian national ever to win an event at the World Series of Poker. He joins former Aussie champs Gary Benson (1996 -- Seven-Card Stud) and Joe Hachem (2005 - championship event) in the trifecta of poker winners from down under.

After two long days of play, the final table on Day Three started with nine players, including 2001 world poker champion Carlos Mortensen. Vos arrived a distant second in the chip count to Kevin Peterson, a poker pro from the Dallas area:

Name	    Chip Count	    Seat # 
David Wells	 $275,000	1
J.R. Reiss	 $222,000	2
Willard Chang	 $214,000	3
Kevin Peterson	 $1,130,000	4
Nam Le	         $323,000	5
Vanessa Selbst	 $492,000	6
Mark Vos	 $528,000	7
Thomas Hunt III	 $468,000	8
Carlos Mortensen $215,000	9

Despite being short-stacked, the first player eliminated was something of a surprise. 'The Matador,' Carlos Mortensen didn't last long. Mortensen's pocket sevens turned out to be an unlucky number when he was all-in and ran into ace-nine. An ace flopped and Mortensen waved farewell. Ninth-place paid $73,344.

Next, David Wells (no relation to the major league baseball player) struck out when he took a tough beat - king-ten against his opponent's king-eight. An eight flopped and Wells was yanked from the game. The stock trader from Scottsdale, Arizona collected $87,315 for eighth place.

Vanessa Selbst was the second female player to make a final table appearance at this year's WSOP. She had enough chips to be a force early, but was caught bluffing at the worst possible time. Selbst tried to move Kevin Peterson off of his hand with an all-in pre-flop re-raise, but she might as well have been standing on the railroad tracks staring at a roaring freight train. Peterson called instantly and flipped over pocket aces.

He caught two more aces on the board to make four-of-a-kind, flattening Selbst's chances to become history's tenth female WSOP gold bracelet winner (in open events). Vanessa Selbst, a Yale University graduate last year, received $101,285.

The end-result for Kevin Peterson had to be disappointing. The chip-leader at the start, Peterson went through a very rocky two hours and failed to survive. He lost most of his chips holding pocket queens against Nam Le's ace-king. A king flopped. That was the first serious hatchet chop into Peterson's stack. Others would follow. The final blow was Peterson's all-in move with queen-ten suited, losing to J.R. Reiss' small pocket pair. Peterson picked up $115,255 in prize money.

A short time later, Willard Chang went out with a weaker hand that he would have liked under the circumstances. With blinds and antes escalating, Chang moved in hoping not to get called holding king-three, which was covered by Nam Le's king-queen. Both players flopped a king, but the queen -kicker played and Chang was eliminated. Willard Chang, am engineer from Hawaii, received $136,211. Thomas Hunt must have felt like a gang victim when he moved all-in with his few remaining chips in the small blind and was called down by all three opponents.

The players checked on each successive round, and when J.R. Reiss revealed an ace to go with an ace on board, everyone mucked their cards - including Hunt, who ended up as the fourth-place finisher. Thomas Hunt, a physician from Las Vegas, billed the prize pool for $160,659.

Down to just three players, J.R. Reiss moved all-in with top-pair, top kicker (ace jacks to the board's - 10-8-4-J-6) and was called quickly by Nam Le, holding nine-seven, good for a straight. Reiss, a professional gambler from Omaha, Nebraska added $209,555 to his bankroll. When heads-up play began, Nam Le enjoyed nearly a 3 to 1 chip advantage - 2,775,000 to Vos' 1,065,000.

But great poker players shine in moments of adversity. It took Vos 45-minutes to seize the chip lead, plus another hour to lock down the victory. After Vos made a flush and took the chip lead, Le made one last valiant stab at the top prize, temporarily regaining the chip lead for a short time. He could have broken Vos when he had his opponent all-in with queen-jack to Vos' pocket sevens. But Le failed to connect with a pair, and that would ultimately spell doom fro the aspiring champ.

Vos picked away chips from Le's stack and gradually built up a 2 to 1 chip lead. The final hand was somewhat unanticipated as Vos was dealt queen-ten suited against Le's pocket sixes. After catching a queen on the flop, Vos bet out and Le called. A blank fell on the turn, and Vos bet again. Le called. The river brought a queen, giving Vos trip-queens. Vos moved all-in and Le, suspecting a bluff, called. That was a mistake. The trip queens gave Vos the championship.

Nam Le, the second-place finisher, collected $401,647.

“I prefer to play poker online,' Vos said immediately following his victory. 'I still prefer cash games online, but there is nothing like the experience of playing in a live tournament and making it all the way to the final table. Cash games are my day job, but the tournaments are for excitement and fun.'

Vos said he plans to stick with his game plan. '(Winning) does not really change things,' he said. 'I mean, it helps. But I still plan to play pokerů..then (in five years) I'll relax, settle down, and find a place to live and decide what I want to do with the rest of my life.'

by Nolan Dalla

Overall Tournament Statistics (through end of Event #6):
Total Entries to Date: 9,165
Total Prize Money Distributed: $ 12,256,090
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Director of Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Licensing) -- Ty Stewart
Director of Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Communications) - Gary Thompson
Vice President of Specialty Gaming -- Howard Greenbaum
WSOP Tournament Director - Robert Daily
WSOP Tournament Director / Director of Poker Operations for Harrah's Entertainment - Jack Effel

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