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Event #6 - No Limit Hold'em Results & Report

Southern Poker Championship / WPT Event Season 7

Event #6 - No Limit Hold'em
Beau Rivage Hotel & Casino
875 Beach Boulevard
Biloxi, MS, US
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'Detroit' Allen Green 'Detroit Al' Green Wins Limit Hold'em Championship at Beau Rivage
Former Food Products Salesman Locks Up Win, Worth $28,808 Biloxi, MS (January 8, 2009) -'Detroit Al' Green admits that never...
Profile: 'Detroit' Allen Green
Date: January 7, 2009 Time: 12:00 PM

Buy-In: $500 + $50
Prizepool: $87,300
Entries: 180
Game Type: No Limit Hold'em

Place Country Name Prize
1 USA 'Detroit' Allen Green $28,808
2 USA Norman Ketchum $15,889
3 USA Robert Toye $8,730
4 USA Marvin Burkholder $6,984
5 USA Thuy "TD" Djedjos $5,238
6 USA Jim Roiz $4,365
7 Canada Cec Gleason $3,492
8 USA Matthew Kelly $2,619
9 USA William Lent $1,746
10 USA John Terry $1,222
11 USA Bobby Ferdinand AKA "the bus" $1,222
12 USA Thomas Witherspoon $1,222
13 Lester Bourgue $1,048
14 Dale Soileau $1,048
15 USA Timothy Finne $1,048
16 USA John Varner $873
17 Anthony Passacontndis $873
18 B J Frazier $873

Tournament Report

'Detroit Al' Green Wins Limit Hold'em Championship at Beau Rivage

Former Food Products Salesman Locks Up Win, Worth $28,808

Biloxi, MS (January 8, 2009) -'Detroit Al' Green admits that never been to Detroit in his life. He is originally from New York and now lives in Florida. One must wonder then, why he's nicknamed 'Detroit Al.'

'When I was growing up, I had this special haircut,' Green explained. 'It was called a ‘Detroit.' So, that's what they all called me. I've never even been to Detroit. I've never even flown over Detroit.'

'Detroit Al' did manage to fly over the field of 180 entrants at the latest Southern Poker Championship event, which concluded today. Green won $28,808 in the $500 buy-in poker tournament. Following his victory, Green was presented with the custom-designed white gold and diamond bracelet, which is the crowing achievement of victory at all SPC events.

This was the only Limit Hold'em tournament on this year's schedule. The competition took place over two consecutive days. Only the top 18 players out of 180 entrants collected prize money. The total prize pool amounted to $87,300. All the action took place in the tournament ballroom inside Beau Rivage Resort & Casino. It took 14 hours on day one to play down to the final nine players. The final table started off with Marvin Burkholder holding a commanding chip lead over the rest of the table. Burkholder started day two with 333K in chips. His closest rival, Norman Ketchum had only 136K in chips. The remaining seven players had 109K and less. The eventual winner, 'Detroit Al' Green was in fifth place with 91K. But as poker tournaments prove (and Burkholder would later find out), no chip lead is ever safe and nothing is certain. Limits began at 6,000-12,000, which meant any hand played to completion would be critical, especially to the shorter stacks. Players were eliminated in the following order:

9th Place -About 45 minutes into play, William Lent was short stacked and moved all-in with his last chips holding K-J. Bobby Toye was delighted to make the call with Q-Q. The pocket queens held up, resulting in the day's first elimination. Lent, a 61-year-old retiree from Sarasota, FL locked up $1,746 for ninth place.

8th Place -Matthew Kelly, from Ft. Worth, TX took a tough beat when he was all-in holding A-K against Norman Kethum's dominated hand, K-Q. After the flop came with three low blanks, it appeared that Kelly might double up. But the turn and river brought two ugly queens, giving Kethum a set of ladies and the 60,000 pot. Meanwhile Kelly took home $2,619 for eighth place.

7th Place -Cec Gleason was one of several Canadian poker players who traveled far south this winter to play poker. Gleason, who lives in St. Catharines, Ontario eventually busted out with Q-10, which lost to a pair of nines. Gleason, a freight hauler who has cashed in several smaller poker tournaments throughout North America collected $3,492 for seventh place.

6th Place -Jim R. Roiz was a force to be reckoned with for about two hours before he finally busted out. He played A-J which made a pair of jacks on the turn. But Roiz lost to a club flush on the river of his final hand. The attorney and real estate investor from Florida had to settle for sixth place. Roiz won his way into this event by winning a single-table satellite. So, his initial $65 investment produced a very nice return of $4,365.

5th Place -Thuy Djedjos, a.k.a. 'TD' became the third female to make it to a final table at this year's SPC. She went out in fifth place after playing A-2 and missing a flush draw. She lost to a pair of tens, which ended her hopes of victory. 'TD,' who works in sales and lives in Jackson, MS, collected $5,238 for a noble effort.

4th Place -Marvin Burkholder was eliminated when his A-9 lost to Norman Ketchum's A-J. Burkholder was low on chips and moved his last bet into the pot before the flop. Neither player made a pair, but the A-J played, which meant the player with the big early chip lead went out in fourth place, paying $6,984. It was a disappointing end result for Burkholder, who lives in North Carolina.

3rd Place -Bobby Toye from New Orleans made a nice run at the final table. He survived nearly four hours before finally running out of steam. With blinds and limits increasing, Toye was forced to commit his final chips with a subpar hand, which lost to his opponent's ace. The meant the 22-year-old student ended up as the third-place finisher, worth $8,730 in prize money.

2nd Place -When heads-up play began, 'Detroit Al' Green enjoyed about a 3 to 2 chip advantage over Norman Ketchum. With close to an equal distribution in chips, the heads-up match seemed destined to last for quite awhile. But the two players agreed to a financial deal whereby they played out several hands and the prize money was cut up. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. There was no final hand of consequence. But when the chips were stacked and it was time to take the winner's photo, 'Detroit Al' was in the frame. As the runner up, longtime tournament veteran officially collected $15,889 in prize money. The 67-year-old tournament journeyman from Illinois has previously finished high in several other major tournaments.

1st Place -'Detroit Al' Green is a former salesman of food products. He and his wife have retired and now live near Fort Lauderdale, FL. Green has numerous other tournament cashes dating back more than 20 years. He was once ranked in the 'Player of the Year' final standings at Card Player magazine.

Through the end of the Limit Hold'em tournament, 2,461 players have entered the seven events played at this year's SPC. With this event, the total combined payout now exceeds one million-dollars -- as $1,063,375 in prize money has been paid out to the winners.

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