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Event #47 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Mixed Hold'em - Limit / No Limit Results & Report

40th World Series of Poker 2009

Event #47 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Mixed Hold'em - Limit / No Limit
Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino
3700 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89103, US
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Bahador Ahmadi AKA "BAHA" Tournament Highlights:
Event Headlines - 1. Bahador "Baha" Ahmadi Wins His First WSOP Gold Bracelet 2. Iranian-Born Poker Player Now Living in...
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Profile: Bahador Ahmadi AKA "BAHA"
Date: June 24, 2009 Time: 12:00 PM

Buy-In: $2,500
Prizepool: $1,212,100
Entries: 527
Game Type: No Limit Hold'em

Place Country Name Prize
1 Canada Bahador Ahmadi AKA "BAHA" $278,804
2 USA John McGuinness $172,227
3 USA Ylon Schwartz $112,967
4 Puerto Rico Karlo Lopez $78,628
5 USA Barry Greenstein $57,671
6 USA Matt Woodward $44,520
7 USA Randy Haddox AKA "Randers" $36,084
8 USA Hasan Habib $30,641
9 USA Zac Humphrey $27,199
10 USA Leandro Vlastaris $19,672
11 USA Oleg Serbine $19,672
12 USA Matt Matros $19,672
13 USA Thithi Tran $14,714
14 USA David Baker AKA "ODB" $14,714
15 USA Allen Cunningham $14,714
16 Denmark Jesper Hougaard $11,272
17 Canada Yeping Shan $11,272
18 USA Howie Kahan AKA "The Howitzer" $11,272
19 Germany Alexander Jung AKA "derdings" $8,739
20 Bulgaria Mihail Stoykov AKA "audifan" $8,739
21 USA Brandon Demes $8,739
22 USA Joe Kuether $8,739
23 Russia Kirill Rabtsov AKA "Gansik" $8,739
24 USA Gavin Griffin $8,739
25 Canada Samuel Ngai $8,739
26 USA Eric Froehlich AKA "EFro" $8,739
27 Ireland Jason Tompkins $8,739
28 Brazil Omar Abede $7,030
29 USA Tam Hang AKA "Tommy" $7,030
30 USA Casey McCarrel $7,030
31 Canada Petri Pollanen $7,030
32 USA Andy Bloch $7,030
33 USA Michael Bickel $7,030
34 USA Frank Sinopoli $7,030
35 USA Joey Couden $7,030
36 USA Shaun Deeb $7,030
37 USA Daniel Negreanu AKA "Kid Poker" $5,757
38 USA Kyle Zartman $5,757
39 Russia Albert Manullin $5,757
40 USA Ryan Milisits AKA "dank stax" $5,757
41 USA Justin Pechie $5,757
42 Netherlands Marcus Naalden $5,757
43 USA Alex Bolotin AKA "Diesel" $5,757
44 Switzerland Felix Bleiker $5,757
45 Canada Francois Billard $5,757
46 USA Eli Elezra $4,739
47 USA Chris Podlewski $4,739
48 USA David Black $4,739
49 USA Jeff Madsen $4,739
50 USA Michael Goldberg $4,739
51 USA Michael Parizon $4,739
52 France Stephane Bazin $4,739
53 Unknown $4,739
54 Unknown $4,739

Tournament Report

Tournament Highlights:

Event Headlines -

1. Bahador "Baha" Ahmadi Wins His First WSOP Gold Bracelet

2. Iranian-Born Poker Player Now Living in Canada Wins WSOP Mixed Hold'em Championship and $278,804 Cash Prize

3. Ylon Schwartz Becomes the First and Only (2008) November Nine Player to Make a Final Table at this Year's WSOP - Finishes Third

The Champion --

The 2009 World Series of Poker $2,500 buy-in Mixed Hold'em (Limit/No-Limit) champion is Bahador "Baha" Ahmadi, from Burnaby, BC (Canada).

Bahador Ahmadi is also known as Jeff Ahmadi. He is called "Jeff" by all those who know him.

Ahmadi is a 24-year-old semi-pro poker player. He has attended college and worked various odd jobs. But he now spends much of his time playing poker.

Ahmadi was born in Iran. He immigrated to Canada with his family at the age of 4. Ahmadi has lived in Calgary and Vancouver. He settled down and now lives in Burnaby, BC - which is near Vancouver.

Ahmadi attended College of the Holy Cross, near Boston. He attended college on a football scholarship.

Ahmadi decided to transfer to a college closer to home and attended the University of British Columbia, in Canada. He did not complete his degree but hopes to return to school sometime and finish his education.

Ahamdi has worked various jobs when he's not playing poker or attending school. His worked a few summers in construction as a roofer.

Ahmadi attended his first WSOP in 2006. He has not been back to the WSOP since then until this year, saying that he did not want to spend several weeks during the summertime in Las Vegas.

Ahmadi has cashed in two events this year.

Ahmadi collected $278,804 for first place. He was also awarded his first WSOP gold bracelet.

According to official records, Ahmadi now has 1 win, 2 final table appearances, and 2 in-the-money finishes at the WSOP. His career WSOP earnings now total $418,738.

During this year's WSOP, Ahmadi is sharing a house in Las Vegas on a temporary basis with several other serious poker players. He stated proudly that he was the first gold bracelet winner in his "house." He added that the group now has three final table appearances, a tenth-place finish, and several cashes.

Winner Quotes (Bahador "Baha" Ahmadi) --

On his expectations coming into this year's WSOP: "I planned on playing in every $2,500 event, every $1,500 event, and the Main Event. I expected to do well. I expected to cash. Once I final tabled (Event 13), I thought I would do pretty well."

On why he skipped playing a few years at the WSOP: "It's a grind. Staying here in Las Vegas for many weeks is a grind."

On playing mixed games, both Limit and No-Limit Hold'em: "If you are good at both games, you have an edge. In an event like this, you find a lot of No-Limit players who have not played much Limit. So, if you have any edge in Limit, you can do well. I have a strong background in Limit. I found that I was able to really make (major gains) when we were playing Limit. I sat back in the No-Limit and just picked my spots."

On being surrounded by poker players sharing a summer rental during the 2009 WSOP: "We thought someone from the house would break through and win a gold bracelet. I am just happy it was me."

Iranian-Born Poker Players at the WSOP --

Ahmadi, who was born in Iran, is actually a Canadian citizen. However, he wishes to have the Iranian national anthem played at his gold bracelet ceremony held on the following day. Accordingly, his victory will be credited to the nation of Iran. In a post-tournament interview, Ahamdi wanted to point out that he is proud of his heritage and supports change in his native country. He believes that playing the Iranian anthem at the WSOP will enable many poker players and the public to better understand the pro-Western attitudes held by many Iranians, both who live within Iran and abroad.

Many Iranian-born poker players have enjoyed success at the WSOP. The most notable gold bracelet winners (originally) from Iran are:

Farzad Bonyadi - three gold bracelet wins
Mansour Matloubi - 1990 WSOP Main Event winner
Hamid Dastmalchi - 1992 WSOP Main Event winner and three gold bracelets
Amir Vahedi - gold bracelet winner
Farzad Rouhani - gold bracelet winner
Antonio Esfandiari - gold bracelet winner

The Final Table --

The final table included two former WSOP gold bracelet winners - Barry Greenstein (3 wins) and Hasan Habib (1 win).

The runner up was John "Sketchy" McGuinness, Toms River, NJ. He is a former process server who is now self-employed. This was his first time to cash in a WSOP event. Second place paid $172,227.

The third-place finisher was Ylon Schwartz, from Austin, TX. He finished fourth in last year's WSOP Main Event, worth more than $3.7 million. Schwartz' third place finish in this tournament is the highest so far of any (2008) November Nine player.

The fourth-place finisher was Karlo "The Wizard" Lopez, from San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is believed to be the highest finish ever achieved at the WSOP by a player from Puerto Rico. He has cashed in two of the last four WSOP Main Events - finishing 33rd in 2005 and 201st in 2007.

The fifth-place finisher was three-time gold bracelet winner Barry Greenstein, from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Although he has yet to win this year, Greenstein is enjoying a successful WSOP, with six cashes and two final table appearances, thus far.

The sixth-place finisher was Matthew Woodward, from Waterboro, ME. He was a swimmer in college at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst who now plays poker professionally. This was Woodward's ninth time to cash and marked his highest finish ever at the WSOP.

The seventh-place finisher was Randy Haddox, from Houston, TX. This was his seventh time to cash and marked his highest finish ever at the WSOP.

The eighth-place finisher was Hasan Habib, from Downey, CA. He won his gold bracelet playing Seven-Card Stud High-Low Split in 2004. This marked Habib's 18th cash at the WSOP. He has accumulated nearly $900,000 in WSOP winnings. Years ago before coming to the U.S. in his native Pakistan, Habib was a tennis champion.

The ninth-place finisher was Zak Humphrey, from Bellingham, WA. He is primarily a cash-game player.

In-the-Money Finishers --

Former WSOP gold bracelet finishers who cashed in this event included - Jesper Hougaard, Allen Cunningham, Gavin Griffin, Hasan Habib, Eric Froehlich, Barry Greenstein, Eli Elezra, Daniel Negreanu, Jeff Madsen, and Marcus Naalden.

Barry Greenstein's fifth-place finish gives him 43 for his career, which currently ranks 15th in the all-time WSOP cashes list.

Allen Cunningham's 15th-place finish gives him 41 for his career, which currently ranks in a 17th place tie on the all-time WSOP cashes list.

Daniel Negreanu's 37th-place finish gives him 40 for his career, which currently ranks in a 20th-place tie on the all-time WSOP cashes list.

Odds and Ends --

This was only the third year that the WSOP has offered a Mixed Hold'em tournament. Two such events were on the schedule in 2007 and 2008, which means this was only the fifth Mixed Hold'em tournament ever held at the WSOP.

Mixed Hold'em means that two games are played in rotation - Limit Hold'em and No-Limit Hold'em. The games alternate as each game is played for 30 minutes per (one-hour) level.

The official WSOP gold bracelet ceremony takes place on the day following the winner's victory. The ceremony takes place on at center stage of the main tournament room and begins during the break of the noon tournament. The ceremony usually starts around 2:20 pm. The national anthem of the winner's nation is played. The entire presentation is open to public and media. Video and photography is permitted by both media and the public.

The final table was broadcast live by Bluff Media over the Internet on ESPN 360.

The Event --

The $2,500 buy-in Mixed Hold'em championship attracted 527 entries. The total prize pool amounted to $1,212,100. The top 54 finishers collected prize money.

The tournament was played over three consecutive days.

Karlo "The Wizard" Lopez came to the final table on Day Three with the chip lead. He ended up busting out in fourth place.

The eventual winner Jeff Ahmadi came to the final table on Day Three ranked second in chips.

The heads-up match between Jeff Ahmadi and runner up John McGuinness lasted exactly one hand. Ahmadi moved all-in post-flop with a flush draw and got called by McGuinness holding pocket tens. A diamond on the turn gave Ahmadi his flush and left McGuinness drawing dead. Ahamdi became the latest WWSOP champion.

The final table lasted about 6 hours - which was relatively quick by 2009 standards. Most final tables this year have been running 9-10 hours.

The tournament officially began on Wednesday, June 24th, at noon. The tournament officially ended on Friday, June 26th, at 9:00 pm.

WSOP Statistics -

Through the conclusion of Event #47, the 2009 WSOP has attracted 44,855 entries. $90,825,386 in total prize money has been awarded to winners.

Through Event #47 - the nationalities of WSOP gold bracelet winners reads as follows:

United States - 32
United Kingdom - 3
Canada - 2
Australia - 2
Russian Federation - 1
Finland - 1
Sweden - 1
Mexico - 1
Italy - 1
Holland - 1
Hungary - 1
Iran - 1

Note: Last year 19 of the 59 gold bracelet events were won by non-Americans (32 percent). In, 2007, the number was 15 of 55 (29 percent). In 2006, the number was 5 of 45 (11 percent).

Event #47 winner Jeff Ahmadi is to be classified as a semi-professional player. He plays poker for extra income on a part-time basis. Accordingly, the "Pro-Am" gold bracelet scoreboard (excluding Event #1 - Casino Employees) currently reads:

Professionals -- 29 wins (Thang Luu, Steven Sung, Jason Mercier, Phil Ivey-1, Rami Boukai, Anthony Harb, Ville Wahlbeck, Keven Stammen, Brock Parker-1, Jeffrey Lisandro- 1, Daniel Alaei, Brock Parker-2, John-Paul Kelly, Jeff Carris, Nick Schulman, Phil Ivey-2, Pete Vilandos, Tomas Alenius, Roland de Wolfe, J.C. Tran, James Van Alstyne, Angel, Guillen, Greg Mueller, Eric Baldwin, Jordan Smith, Jeffrey Lisandro-2, Richard Austin, Marc Naalden, Matt Graham, Peter Traply, Jerrod Ankenman, Jeffrey Lisandro-3)

Amateurs -- 6 wins (Freddie Ellis, Ken Aldridge, Travis Johnson, Zac Fellows, Michael Eise, Michael T. Davis)

Semi-Pros -- 7 wins (Vitaly Lunkin, Brian Lemke, Lisa Hamilton, Leo Wolpert, Ray Foley, Derek Raymond, Jeff Ahmadi)

Twelve of the 47 winners this year (26 percent) were previous gold bracelet winners. There have been two double winners in 2009 -- Brock Parker, Phil Ivey. There has been one triple winner in 2009 -- Jeffrey Lisandro.

Through the conclusion of Event 46, the WSOP "Player of the Year" standings reads as follows (with point totals):

355 - Jeffrey Lisandro
275 - Ville Wahlbeck
242 - Phil Ivey
220 - Brock Parker
220 - James Van Alstyne
195 - Roland de Wolfe
185 - Vitaly Lunkin
180 - Angel Guillen
175 - Pete "the Greek" Vilandos
170 - Daniel Negreanu

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