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No Limit Hold'em Results & Report

Bayou Poker Challenge WSOP Circuit Event

No Limit Hold'em
Harrah's New Orleans
512 Sth Peters Rd
New Orleans, LA, 70130, US
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Barry Hutter Barry Hutter Earns First Major Tournament Victory at Harrah’s New Orleans
Florida Poker Pro Takes Gold Ring in Marathon WSOP Circuit Event New Orleans, LA – The most recent World Series of Poker...
Profile: Barry Hutter
Date: May 13, 2010

Buy-In: $1,000 + $70
Prizepool: $204,370
Entries: 216
Game Type: No Limit Hold'em

Place Country Name Prize
1 USA Barry Hutter $49,559
2 USA Garrett Utt $30,655
3 USA Manelic Minaya AKA "Manny" $19,415
4 USA Jonathan Abla $15,838
5 USA Alexandru Masek $12,773
6 USA Viet Vo $10,218
7 USA Steven Jones AKA "Steak" $8,174
8 USA Anthony Hartofilis $6,642
9 USA Mitch Franks $5,109
10 USA Andrew Malott $3,576
11 USA Jason Morris $3,576
12 USA Tyler Smith $3,576
13 USA Ryan Enis $3,065
14 USA A O $3,065
15 USA Richard Sasso $3,065
16 USA Gustavo Galvao AKA "SnapTurtle" $2,554
17 USA Sung Lee $2,554
18 USA Lawrence Lazar $2,554
19 USA Curtis Terry $2,043
20 USA Deric Williams $2,043
21 USA Ricky Romero $2,043
22 USA Thai Cao $2,043
23 USA Roy Bell $2,043
24 USA Shawn Hyde $2,043
25 USA Shawn Kraemer $2,043
26 USA Nancy Birnbaum AKA "Trouble" $2,043
27 USA Rogelio Salinas $2,043

Tournament Report

Barry Hutter Earns First Major Tournament Victory at Harrah’s New Orleans

Florida Poker Pro Takes Gold Ring in Marathon WSOP Circuit Event

New Orleans, LA – The most recent World Series of Poker Circuit tournament attracted another strong turnout of 216 players. Each entrant posted a $1,000 entry fee in order to shoot for the opportunity to wear a gold ring. The prize pool exceeded $200,000 and due to some very competitive play was the longest tournament of any event held thus far at this year’s Bayou Poker Challenge.

Clocking in at more than 32 hours, the tournament became the supreme test of poker skill and physical endurance for those who endured the ride, as the yawning new champion was finally crowned at 5:40 am. By that time, a packed poker room at Harrah’s New Orleans had pretty much cleared out, leaving only the most die-hard and dedicated poker fans to watch the final table battle.

Inexplicably, a dozen brave souls watched the marathon from start to finish. They were obviously unaware of the multiplicity of sensory treats outside just steps away on Bourbon Street. Or perhaps, they really loved poker. Or maybe, they were hoping to leech a buy-in for the following day’s tournament. Who knows? The fact was, somebody finally won, a few railbirds cheered, and another long day of poker action at Harrah’s New Orleans finally came to a merciful end.

The winner was Barry Hutter, a 23-year-old poker pro from Sarasota, FL. He pocketed the sum of $49,559, his biggest recorded cash to date. Hutter primarily plays live in cash games but plans to play in more tournaments, and with good reason.

This was the 11th gold ring event of 19 on this year’s WSOP Circuit schedule at Harrah’s New Orleans. The $1,000 (+70) buy-in No-Limit Hold’em tournament was played over two consecutive days during May 13th and 14th. The top 18 finishers were paid.

Hutter arrived at the Final Table holding about a quarter of the total chips in play and was in a dominant pposition throughout. Accomplished tournament performers Manny Minaya and Alexandru Masek were close on the heels of Hutter. The remaining players needed to make major moves and pretty much failed in their attempts to pose serious threats to the biggest stacks.

When Final Table play began at 11:00 pm, the nine ironmen finalists and their starting chip counts were as follows:

Seat Player Hometown Chip Count
1 Jonathan Abla Athens, GA 312,500
2 Alexandru Masek San Diego, CA 453,000
3 Garrett Utt Atlanta, GA 98,000
4 Anthony Hartofilis Palm Harbor, FL 195,500
5 Steve Jones Belton, TX 234,500
6 Mitch Franks Tupelo, MS 73,500
7 Manny Minaya Tampa, FL 471,000
8 Barry Hutter Sarasota, FL 642,500
9 Viet “Big Papa” Vo Houston, TX 117,000

Final Table play lasted about six hours and ended as sun up. Players were eliminated in the following order:

Ninth Place: Mitch in the Ditch
Mitch Franks (not to be confused with Mitchell Frank, the famous music producer), went out quickly as the shortest stack. He pocketed $5,109 for two days of poker playing. Frank, a businessman from Tupelo, MS – the birthplace of Elvis -- had previously finished deep in a few events at this year’s Delta Gold Poker Classic, held in Mississippi.

Eighth Place: Hartofilis Takes Eighth Place
Anthony Hartofilis (not to be confused with actor Anthony Hopkins), was the next player to exit. The poker pro from Palm Harbor, FL collected a nice payout totaling $6,642. This was his second recorded live tournament cash after one previous in-the-money finish at The Wynn Classic in Las Vegas. He also has a number of bigger cashes online.

Seventh Place: Steve Jones Goes Up, Up, and Away in His Beautiful Balloon
Steve Jones, who works as an investor and lives in Belton, TX (not to be confused with Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols – they are most assuredly not the same person) bombed out about 90 minutes into play. He collected $8,174 for a fine performance. Interestingly, Jones has spent nearly 30 years competing in hot air balloon events. He won the 1990 National Championship in a hot air ballooning and continues to compete regularly in events held around the world. Belton has also performed well in several poker events, including tournaments held at the Venetian and Bally’s in Las Vegas. He later revealed that he’s won more money recently in poker tournaments, although the view is not nearly as good as riding up in the clouds.

Sixth Place: “Big Papa” Busts
Viet Vo, a.k.a. “Big Papa” (not to be confused with “Big Papi” of the Boston Red Sox) went out with AJ against AQ. He was dominated on his final hand and struck out in sixth place. The Vietnamese-born x-ray technician who now lives in Houston, plays in a home game on weekends. He came here to New Orleans at the urging of friends and did not disappoint them by making it all the way to the final table. “Big Papi” received $10,218 in prize money.

Fifth Place: No Third Ring for Masek
Alexandru Masek (not to be confused with “Alexander the Great,” despite occasional flashes of supernatural poker talent) came up far short in his bid for a third gold ring victory. Masek won his first WSOP Circuit title last year in his hometown of San Diego. He won his second gold ring two months ago 3,000 miles away at Caesars Atlantic City. Masek was confident coming into this final table that he might earn his first southern poker victory but ran into serious trouble midway through the battle and ended up with a fifth-place finish. Masek pushed with a short stack on his final hand and failed to improve, resulting in a payout worth $12,773. “Alexander the Great” reported turned in his grave when he learned Masek had soiled his good name.

Fourth Place: Abla-Kadambra
Jonathan Abla (not to be confused with anyone related to Jessica Alba), took an unwanted early morning stroll away from the final table when he busted out about 4:30 am. Abla pushed on his final hand hoping to double up, but was unsuccessful. Abla, who is 24-years-old and is from Athens, GA had only cashed in a few small live tournaments before. He had a large following cheering him on at the final table, which probably meant he owed a big makeup figure (highly unlikely) or is a pretty good online player. His first WSOP-related cash was worth $15,838.

Third Place: Well-Known Pro “Manny” Minaya Takes Third
Players agreed to some kind of a deal when play went three handed. But the trio agreed to play it out for the gold ring. “Manny” Manaya (not to be confused with Minnie the Moocher) had the highest pedigree of any final table player given his numerous wins, cashes, and prize money earnings. Manaya, making his 13th WSOP Circuit cash in this event, ended up with $19,415 for third place. Manaya has also cashed 11 times at the WSOP in Las Vegas and has more than $1 million in career tournament earnings.

Second Place: Garrett Utt Takes Second
Garrett Utt (not to be confused with NBC newscaster Garrick Utley) calls himself the best no-limit player in the world. He might have to back off that statement after coming in second place. The 22-year-old jokester busted out on a bad beat when the final hand of the tournament was dealt

Utt moved all in with Kd Kc. Barry Hutter had a small pair, and made the call with 4s 4d. Hutter had his opponent covered by about a 5 to 1 margin and watched as a four flopped. The final board ran Ad 6s 4c Tc Ah, giving Hutter a full house.
As the runner up, Utt collected $30,665. He also came in second place in a WSOP Circuit event held last year at Harrah’s Atlantic City. This marked his third time to cash in a WSOP-related tournament.

First Place: Barry Hutter Wins Big Money Barry Hutter, not to be confused with anyone other than the winner, collected $49,559 and his first WSOP Circuti gold ring. The 23-year-old poker player resides in Sarasota, FL.

Video highlights of the day can be seen at:

The WSOP Circuit at Harrah’s New Orleans continues through May 19th. This year’s schedule includes 19 gold ring events, along with multiple second-chance tournaments, single table and mega satellites, in addition to cash games going around the clock inside the Harrah’s New Orleans Poker Room. This marks the sixth straight year Harrah’s New Orleans has been a part of the WSOP Circuit. This is the 11th and final WSOP Circuit stop of the 2009-2010 season following previous tournaments held in Chicago, Southern Indiana, Lake Tahoe, Harrah’s Atlantic City, Tunica, Council Bluffs, Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Rincon, Harrah’s St. Louis, and Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

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