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No Limit Hold'em Deepstack Results & Report

Foxwoods Poker Classic

No Limit Hold'em Deepstack
Foxwoods Resort Casino
39 Norwich Westerly Rd., Rt. 2 P.O.Box 3777
Mashantucket, CT, 06338, US
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Submit Photo The Final Four agree to a chop!!!
A total of 415 players entered the $400 No-Limit Hold’em event in the 2011 Foxwoods Poker Classic with a total prize pool of...
Profile: Sherwin Agard
Date: March 20, 2011 Time: 11:00 AM

Buy-In: $350 + $50
Prizepool: $140,892
Entries: 415
Game Type: No Limit Hold'em

Place Country Name Prize
1 USA Sherwin Agard $18,475
2 USA Keith Kessmann $18,475
3 USA Gregory Roberts $18,474
4 USA Marc Vincent $18,474
5 USA Diane Ellis $7,510
6 USA David Fallon $6,030
7 USA Vincent Rosarbo $4,903
8 USA Joseph Smith $3,917
9 USA Jeanelle Roberts $3,235
10 USA Roger Fisette $2,183
11 USA Ted Totikidis $2,183
12 USA Paul Luevano $2,183
13 USA Charles Cioffi $1,620
14 USA John Oliveira $1,620
15 USA Peter Masuck $1,620
16 USA Gerald Aiello $1,239
17 USA Warren Berry $1,239
18 USA Scott Hicks $1,239
19 USA Carl Varrone $1,239
20 USA Mark Epright $1,239
21 USA Paul Applebaum $1,014
22 USA Thomas Cady $1,014
23 USA Jacob Duguay $1,014
24 USA James Bucchianeri $1,014
25 USA Laszlo Madar $1,014
26 USA Isaiah Cannata $1,014
27 USA Zhi Yang $1,014
28 USA Chris Avery $1,014
29 USA Ercan Basturk $1,014
30 USA Michael Delaney $1,014
31 USA Du Nay $929
32 USA Annette Mucci $929
33 USA David Mock $929
34 USA William Montanari $929
35 USA Christopher Burke $929
36 USA Brian Hayes $929
37 USA Gianfranco Mancini $929
38 USA Barry Ordway $929
39 USA Chris Schonbach $929
40 USA Chris Traniello $929
41 USA Christopher Albanese $873
42 USA Ed Matheson $873
43 USA Wooyang Lin $873
44 USA Nicholas Zinter $873
45 USA James Poirier $873

Tournament Report

The Final Four agree to a chop!!!

A total of 415 players entered the $400 No-Limit Hold’em event in the 2011 Foxwoods Poker Classic with a total prize pool of $140,892 on the line. After three hours of final table action, the final four agreed to a four way chop and to play one hand w the Championship Trophy going to the winner and the Commemorative Leather Jacket to second.

Gregory Roberts of Westport, CT, Keith Kessmann of Fitchburg, MA, Marc Vincent of West Hartford, CT, and Sherwin Agard of Randolph, MA each earned $18,475, while Marc secured the Jacket with a pair of 3’s and Sherwin claimed the Trophy with a pair of 8’s.

There were twenty nine hopefuls returning at Noon on Monday to resume play, and three hours later the final table had been determined. Within ten minutes Roger Fissette Jr. of North Providence, RI raised all-in with Kc8s and was called by Sherwin with AsKh. The flop (KdJh6h) left Sherwin in charge and Roger with little hope. The 9dJs completed the board, and relegated Roger to 10th, earning $2,183 for his efforts.

Another ten minutes would pass before Jeanelle Roberts would move all-in over the top of Sherwin’s raise to 200k. Sherwin called with pocket J’s to AsKh for Jeanelle. The board ran out 7h2c2h10h4s, and Jeanelle would finish in 9th place, taking $3,235 back home to Haverstraw, NY.

A half hour later, Joseph Smith moved all-in with 480k after Diane Ellis had raised to 200k...Diane called. Joe turned over Ac10c to Diane’s AdQd, and with no help from the board (8h6s2sQs8s), Joe, a resident of West Hartford, CT earned $3,917 for 8th.

Vincent Rosarbo short called Sherwin’s raise to 200k with his last 195k. Greg Roberts also called. Greg and Sherwin checked it down as the board played out As8d5cKh7d. Vincent turned over Qs8s to Greg’s Ac4c (Sherwin mucked) leaving Vincent with a hard fought 7th place finish and a $4,903 payday to take back home to Branford, CT.

An hour and a half would pass before the next eliminating hand had David Fallon of Medford, MA raising to 200k before the flop. He was called by Greg. Following the AhJc8d flop, Greg bet out 240k and was called all-in by David. David was feeling comfortable with a set of Aces to Greg’s Kc10c gut shot straight draw, but the Qd on the turn and the 10h on the river sealed David’s 6th place finish for $6,030.

The final eliminating hand had Diane Ellis of Cumberland, RI moved all-in with Ah6h and was called by Greg who showed AsKs. Greg’s kicker prevailed after the AcJc9c7h2c board left Diane $6,547 for her 5th place finish.

Down to four players and each with comparable chip stacks, they agreed to a four way chop with one final hand to determine who would take the Jacket and Trophy. Sherwin Agard captured the Championship Trophy while Marc Vincent took the Commemorative Leather Jacket to go along with their $18,475 top prizes.

Keith Kessmann and Gregory Roberts also claimed top prizes of $18,475. Reported by Rhue R Reis for Foxwoods Resort Casino

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