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Event #1 - WSOP Employee Event - Limit Hold'em Results & Report

33rd Annual World Series of Poker

Event #1 - WSOP Employee Event - Limit Hold'em
Binion's Gambling Hall
128 East Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101, US
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David Warga WORLD SERIES OF POKER 2002 EVENT #1 "CASINO EMPLOYEES" TEXAS HOLD'EM (LIMIT) Friday April 19, 2002 $500 BUY-IN $500 in...
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Profile: David Warga
Date: April 19, 2002 Time: 12:00 PM

Buy-In: $500
Prizepool: $127,840
Entries: 272
Game Type: Limit Hold'em

Place Country Name Prize
1 USA David Warga $47,300
2 USA Leon Wheeler $24,280
3 USA Mike Majerus $12,140
4 USA Matt Lessinger $7,680
5 USA Gary Braufman $5,760
6 USA Jim Blaszkiewicz $4,480
7 USA Stephen Schraber $3,200
8 USA Randy Myers $2,860
9 USA Qi Liu $2,040
10 USA Jack Rosenfeldt $1,540
11 USA Richard London $1,540
12 USA Jonas Stoss $1,540
13 USA Warren Karp $1,280
14 USA Nani Dollison $1,280
15 Larry Katz $1,280
16 USA Don Harkey $1,020
17 USA Bob Golick $1,020
18 USA Robert Willems $1,020
19 USA Haviv Bahar $800
20 USA Danny Morgan $760
21 USA James Milkowski AKA "Milkman Jr." $760
22 USA Jim Keane $760
23 USA Brian Pardoe $760
24 Christos Paillas $760
25 USA Hans Epstein $760
26 Gregory Tisdale $760
TIE Philip Kosloske $380
TIE USA Jimmy Taing $380

Tournament Report





Friday April 19, 2002

$500 BUY-IN

$500 in chips


Normally, casino employees who come to work have a reasonable expectation that they will be paid for their effort. Not on this poker job, though. Yesterday a record number of dedicated employees showed up and strove mightily only to find that all their hard work was in vain. Many employees worked eight hours and more only to be unceremoniously shown the door 'out of the money.' On the other hand, those few employees who had the talent and persistence to 'pull a double'shift…work 16 hours straight… found that their labors were more than handsomely rewarded.

There were 272 entrants in the $500 Buy-In, "Casino Employees" Limit Hold'em for a total prize pool of $127,840. Three tables were paid, a total of 27 players.

Either Philip Kosloske or Jimmy Taing seemed likely to get the dreaded booby prize of tournament poker. One of them was going to finish 28th when only 27 were getting paid. On the same hand, Philip and Jimmy went out at two different tables. So Kosloske and Taing split 27th money and avoided the ignominy.

The Final Table was set up Friday night when the fog rolled in on Richard London. Richard finally gave up waiting for someone else to help him. With his last $600 he went all-in from the small blind holding A J. Jim Blaszkiewicz happily called on the button with pocket 6's. The Wheel of Fortune spun for Jim when a 6 hit the flop giving him a set. Jim was now guaranteed enough money to buy some more vowels for this last name. The last ten employees were going to a place were working overtime was financially appreciated.

THE FINAL TABLE: There were 26 mins left of 75. The blinds were $200/$400. Playing $400/$800.

Seat 1 Jim Blaszkiewicz Livonia MI $ 8,000

Seat 2 Leon Wheeler Las Vegas NV $ 5,200

Seat 3 David Warga Tempe AZ $ 28,700

Seat 4 Randy Myers Toledo IA $ 1,700

Seat 5 Steve Schraber Scottsdale AZ $ 8,600

Seat 6 Jack Rosenfeldt West Covina CA $ 5,600

Seat 7 Qi Liu Hacienda Hts CA $ 6,100

Seat 8 Gary Braufman Las Vegas NV $20,600

Seat 9 Mike Majerus Ottawa IL $17,000

Seat 10 Matt Lessinger Berkeley CA $34,200

When the original "Dealer's" Tournament morphed into the "Casino Employees" Event at the World Series, some natural allies/enemies were thrown together on the poker battlefield. Most often the Final Table in this event will pit casino dealers against casino props. Last night's action was no exception. At the start of the proceedings there were five poker dealers and four proposition players at the table. The one wild card was a craps dealer. Who would win the most money and the important bragging rights…the dealers or the props? It was something right out of 'West Side Story.' We even had a 'Maria.' And it's with her our action begins.

Qi Liu is a proposition player at Hollywood Park in LA. Her first name is pronounced something like 'She' and 'She' is a tigress. One of the most aggressive players in tournament poker, Ms Liu has been known to destroy Final Tables. But last night, Qi wasn't able to display her dominant personality to this group. She doesn't expect to lose ever, and she will vent her frustration verbally on any dealer who has the audacity to give her unplayable cards.

After having to muck a hand she was deeply involved in, Qi raised again under the gun on the next hand. It looked for the entire world like a steam bet and Qi got a couple callers. The first caller was Mike Majerus, one of the gypsy packs of tournament poker dealers that work the circuit across the country. Jack Rosenfeldt is a prop at the Bicycle Club in LA. He had pocket 6's in the big blind and called Liu also. The flop came with a six and two diamonds. Rosenfeldt and Liu raised each other all-in. Majerus went along for the ride. Mike had the A 2 of Diamonds and enough chips to see all bets. The Queen of Diamonds landed on the turn. Mike turned the nut flush. Qi now had top set with her pocket Queens and Jack Rosenfeldt had one out, the case 6. Since Qi Liu had $200 more in chips starting the hand she got 9th place and Jack Rosenfeldt hit the feldt in 10th, as the board didn't pair on the river. In one hand a poker dealer took out two props. This elicited wild cheering from Mike's friends in the gallery. It was now dealers 5, props 2. But the chip leader was still a prop and a Card Player columnist, Matt Lessinger.

At the start, Randy Myers was in trouble with only $1,700 in chips. But Myers, a dealer at the Meskwaki Casino in Iowa, won his first all-in hand with trip Kings and watched with gratitude when Mike Majerus made Randy an extra $1,000 by eliminating two players. But Randy couldn't find any cards worth playing and went all-in for his last $100 without looking from the small blind. Jim 'Alphabet' Blaszkiewicz did the honors and sent Randy Myers back to the bullpen with 10's on the flop to Randy's 8's.

Dealers and props work long hours together in poker rooms to get games started and keep them going. As coworkers they are natural allies, but in temperament they are natural enemies. Since a proposition player in a casino is playing with his or her own money, the cards a dealer delivers are the props' lifeblood. Going on a bad streak with a dealer can end a props' career. Thus the tension between dealers and props, and thus the fun for the audience. Dealers 4, Props 2.

Starting 5th in chips, Steve Schraber couldn't make a hand. Steve is a prop at Oceans 11 in Oceanside CA. Going to the river for thousands of dollars in a hand with Mike Majerus and missing his draw, Steve folded with only $400 left. He went all-in on the next hand and was high carded out in 7th. The props are getting slaughtered. Dealers 4, Props 1.

Since the chip leader was still Matt Lessinger, a prop, it's logical that a dealer would be next out. Jim Blaszkiewicz slowly lost the fight with the blinds. He raised all-in from the button with pocket 9's and was called in the small blind by Leon Wheeler. Leon was the Wheeler Dealer when an ace hit the turn to give Leon aces and give Jim's consonants a rest in 6th.

What's a nice craps dealer from the Stardust doing in the middle of this war? Gary Braufman hardly spoke for three hours. He couldn't say '7 out' so he didn't say anything at all. A man of few words, unfortunately Gary was also a man of few hands. He made his last stand with the 9 8 of Diamonds and flopped top pair. Mike Majerus had lots of chips and could afford to call with A Q. When a Queen turned Mike gave Gary the '5 out' in fifth.

The players were in their 16th straight hour and Matt Lessinger was repeatedly suggesting ways to shorten the rest of play. Mike Majerus repeatedly refused to go along with any ideas. Perhaps Matt's concentration lapsed; erhaps he just got too tired. Most likely, he finally ran into a cold streak. In any case, Lessinger who had been chip leader for hours got a couple of big hands cracked and was the last prop out of the event. Matt made a stand with A 7 and found Leon Wheeler with A K. Dealers 3, Props 0.

At this point several deals were discussed but none satisfied everyone. With the blinds elevated, the poker gypsy Mike Majerus found a bad time for his hands to go dead. Crippled in a hand with David Warga with 6 5 4 3 came to David's Q 7, Mike then went all-in from the blinds with J 9 and lost to Wheeler's K 6.

The two remaining stacks were about 8-5 in favor of David Warga. The dealers decided to jump to $2,000/$4,000, as it was 4 a.m. In 15 minutes the "Casino Employees" Limit Hold'em was over. Warga won every big hand, usually catching trips on the turn or river. A disappointed Leon Wheeler saw his bracelet slip away when he was high carded all-in, but Leon came all the way up to 2nd from 9th in chips at the start in a terrific performance.

Working overtime paid off beautifully for these dedicated poker players.

Official Money Winners

1. David Warga $47,300

2. Leon Wheeler $24,280

3. Mike Majerus $12,140

4. Matt Lessinger $7,680

5. Gary Braufman $5,760

6. Jim Blaszkiewicz $4,480

7. Steve Schraber $ 3,200

8. Randy Myers $2,860

9. Qi Liu $2,040

10. Jack Rosenfeldt $1,540

11th-12th received $$1,540

Richard London and Jonas Stoss

13th-15th received $1,280

Warren Karp, Nani Dollison and Larry Katz

16th-18th received $1,020

Don Harkey, Robert Golick and Ronald Willems

19th received $800

Haviv Bahar

20th-26th received $760

Douglas Morgan, James Milkowski, James Keane, Bryan Pardoe, Christos Psillas,Hans Epstein, Gregory Tisdall

27th (Tie) Philip Kosloske and Jimmy Taing, $380 each.

Some of the early Super Satellite winners for a $10,000 seat to the Championship Final were: Manfred Daries, Jeff Yoak, Randall Skaggs (2) Lawrence Stultz, Phillip Ivey, Amir Nasseri, Dennis Waterman, Greg Wynn, Norman Ketchum (2), Bobby Hull, Jimmy Tran, Mike Sexton and Jan Sjavik.

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