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Event #11 - WSOP Pot Limit Hold'em Results & Report

33rd Annual World Series of Poker

Event #11 - WSOP Pot Limit Hold'em
Binion's Gambling Hall
128 East Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101, US
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Submit Photo NO FEAR "Look, honey, just like in the movie 'Rounders.' There's Johnny Chan in the One Seat and Erik Seidel in the Six...
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Profile: Jay Sipelstein
Date: April 28, 2002 Time: 12:00 PM

Buy-In: $2,000
Prizepool: $406,080
Entries: 216
Game Type: Pot Limit Hold'em

Place Country Name Prize
1 USA Jay Sipelstein $150,240
2 UK Barny Boatman $77,160
3 USA Erik Seidel $38,580
4 USA An "The Boss" Tran $24,320
5 USA Johnny Chan $18,280
6 USA Phil Gordon $14,220
7 USA Robert Miller $10,160
8 USA John Juanda $8,120
9 USA Paul "Eskimo" Clark $6,500
10 USA Aaron Katz $4,880
11 USA Mel Wiener AKA "mr stoke" $4,880
12 USA Kathy Keller-Kohlberg $4,880
13 UK John Shipley $4,060
14 USA Wade Collier $4,060
15 USA Mike Pilkington $4,060
16 UK Surinder Sunar $3,240
17 USA Martine Oules $3,240
18 UK Warren Coleman $3,240
19 USA Bill Gazes $2,440
20 USA Tam Duang $2,440
21 USA Roger Easterday $2,440
22 USA Jim Huntley $2,440
23 UK Robin Keston $2,440
24 USA Paul Wolfe $2,440
25 USA Miami John Cernuto $2,440
26 USA Lindsey Jones $2,440
27 USA Anthony Lazar $2,440

Tournament Report


"Look, honey, just like in the movie 'Rounders.' There's Johnny Chan in the One Seat and Erik Seidel in the Six Seat. Oh, and Eskimo Clark's at the table and John Juanda along with An Tran and Barney Boatman from England. Boy, those other guys at the table, that we've never heard of, must be TERRIFIED."

There were 216 entrants in the $2,000 Pot-Limit Omaha for a total prize pool of $406,080. Three tables were paid, a total of 27 players.

Top English player Surinder Sunar got everyone in the money when he called an all-in who had an A 8 with a K 9. No worries, a 9 flopped right off the deck and 27 were golden.

To set up the Final Table, it was early Monday morning with eleven players left. The short stacked Mel Weiner was forced to make a move with the K 6 of Spades. Johnny Chan flopped trip Deuces on Mel and made Deuces full of Jacks for a slight overkill. Sadly, the ever-lovely Kathy Kohlberg barely missed making the Final Table a more beautiful place in 12th.

THE FINAL TABLE: 25 mins left of 75. The blinds were $1,000/$2,000. Playing $2,000/$4,000

Seat# ---- Player ------ Hometown ------ Chip Count
Seat 1) Johnny Chan - Las Vegas, NV. - $52,000
Seat 2) An Tran - Las Vegas, NV. - $60,000
Seat 3) Aaron Katz - Los Angeles, CA. - $15,000
Seat 4) Barney Boatman - London, UK. - $80,000
Seat 5) Eskimo Clark - Bell, CA. - $28,000
Seat 6) Erik Seidel - Las Vegas, NV. - $66,000
Seat 7) Jay Sipelstein - Narberth, PA. - $46,000
Seat 8) Phil Gordon - Las Vegas, NV. - $39,500
Seat 9) John Juanda - Alhambra, CA. - $26,500
Seat 10) Robert Miller - Las Vegas, NV. - $25,500

10th in chips, it didn't take Aaron Katz long to exit the premises. (He left so fast I was still getting a sandwich and had to ask Andy Glazer what happened.) For a second, Aaron thought he liked the Jack on the river. Aaron had A J. Johnny Chan, with Q 10, really liked the Jack on the river. It gave him the nut straight.

"Slow and steady," John Bonetti said sarcastically to Eskimo Clark as he left in 9th place after only 15 minutes in. Evidently that had been Bonetti's advice to Eskimo before the table began. But Eskimo Clark doesn't have that gear. If Clark thinks he may have the best hand or he thinks you think he may have the best hand, he pushing in chips. Already running low, The Eskimo raised all-in with a K Q from early position. An Tran didn't hesitate to call with A 10 and flopped an Ace. Eskimo was slow and steady heading for Bonnie Damiano, the paymaster.

It was an odd hand for John Juanda to go out on in 8th after a long and valiant struggle to grow his stack. Jay Sipelstein had hardly played a hand and it seemed obvious that Jay was a very tight player. When Sipelstein raised from the button, John, in the big blind, must have known Jay had a real hand. Anyway, Juanda reraised all-in with the J 8 of Diamonds and missed the board completely. Jay had an A 9 that was plenty.

Like the surprise winner of Event #2, Mike Majerus, Robert Miller makes his living dealing poker. Unlike Majerus who also was up against a world-class field, Miller didn't win today. But 7th isn't bad on one of the toughest Final Tables imaginable. The premium hand K Q of Hearts joined a couple other K Q's in the dumpster today. The hand just couldn't get there. Miller bet out and called Jay Sipelstein's reraise from the big blind all-in with his K Q but it wasn't Miller Time. Robert entirely missed the board as well. Sipelstein had A K.

Phil Gordon may have known the players he saw across from him well enough to be intimidated, but Phil Hellmuth introduced Gordon at the start as "…someone who couldn't be run over." To his credit, Phil Gordon wasn't run over, but neither could he run over anyone else with the cards he held. With the blinds rising, Phil tried to run over Johnny Chan with an A 6 under the gun. Johnny bet the flop and Phil was stuck calling all-in with an Ace on board. Chan's King kicker ran over Gordon's 6 kicker to give Phil a creditable 6th.

At this point it looked like Johnny Chan might win this event. He was chip leader and seemed very confident, as he always does. Then a couple of amazing hands later the legendary Johnny Chan was out in 5th place. The first hand might have been called 'Rounders 3.' Here were the famous movie antagonists, in real life, that Matt Damon studied for clues on how to induce a player to make a mistake. There was no mistake here. Chan had an all-in Erik Seidel covered easily when they both turned over A K. But wait! Seidel's A K was suited! Erik needed three diamonds to come on board and they did. Seidel was back in business.

Then came the crusher. But first we need some history between Johnny Chan and Barney Boatman. Barney came into today as the chip leader. But Johnny took the lead away and almost busted Boatman early with pocket 8's against Barney's A K. In a later attempt to bust the dangerous Boatman, Chan had Barney on the flop and Boatman needed a runner runner straight to survive. Miraculously, that's exactly what came. 'It's better to be lucky than good,' as they say. Whoever 'they' are. Now, once again, Chan had Boatman with the worst of it. Johnny flopped trip 3's and Barney Boatman called all-in with the nut flush draw and an A 4 of Hearts. Of course, the Heart came and Chan was almost broke. Johnny sent the last $30k in on the flop of 9 6 2. Chan had two overcards with the J 10 of Clubs that missed.

'The Boss' is An Tran's nickname. And although he doesn't sing with the E Street Band, 'The Boss' can be very bossy at a card table. Tran drew a tough seat between Chan and Boatman and couldn't get it going today with those guys pushing mega chips all the time. An lost most of his stack late with an A Q against Erik Seidel's pocket Kings. All-in on a $12k raise, Tran managed to muck his hand before anyone could see it when Jay Sipelstein showed two pair.

Erik Seidel may have outlasted his movie nemesis Johnny Chan, but he'll still be disappointed with his 3rd place finish. While all three remaining players were about even with around $150,000 each, surprisingly it was Seidel who left first. A key hand was telling. Seidel checked the A K 3 flop. Jay Sipelstein bet $20. Erik check raised another $50,000! Without hesitation, Jay Sipelstein moved all-in for $118,000 more! Erik Seidel folded! Seidel never fully recovered from that hand. A few hands later, Barney Boatman raised $18k to go. Seidel came over the top for $42k more and Jay Sipelstein went all-in. Boatman folded. Seidel called all-in with pocket 6's. Sipelstein had pocket Queens. In the next movie maybe the immortal Jay Sipelstein can be Seidel's nemesis. Who?

During the introductions of the Final Table's great names, Jay Sipelstein said to no one in particular, "You don't know me" when his turn came. We know him now.

Be honest. If you were at this table with so many players you'd read about, saw videos about as they were making millions of dollars playing poker. Saw movies about being studied for technique. Wouldn't you, if you'd never played in a WSOP event before and had never even played a pot-limit tournament before be TERRFIED of calling a check raise by one of these players? Jay Sipelstein was that person who was in his first WSOP event, in his first pot-limit tournament and Jay Sipelstein showed NO FEAR in an as impressive a performance as we've had so far this year. With a 2-1 chip lead heads up against Barney Boatman, Boatman tried the same hand against Sipelstein that Erik Seidel did with the same results. Barney got it all in with pocket 6's. Again without hesitation, Jay Sipelstein called with A J and flopped a Jack. Be honest. Would you have had NO FEAR in that situation?

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