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Event #32 - WSOP No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball Results & Report

33rd Annual World Series of Poker

Event #32 - WSOP No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball
Binion's Gambling Hall
128 East Fremont Street
Las Vegas, NV, 89101, US
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Allen Cunningham EVENT #32 DEUCE TO SEVEN NO-LIMIT w/REBUYS Saturday, May 18, 2002 $5,000 BUY-IN $5,000 rebuys GENERATIONAL WARFARE Bad news...
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Profile: Allen Cunningham
Date: May 18, 2002 Time: 12:00 PM

Buy-In: $5,000
Prizepool: $320,400
Entries: 32 + 34 rebuys
Game Type: No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball

Place Country Name Prize
1 USA Allen Cunningham $160,200
2 USA O'Neil Longson $80,100
3 USA Mark Weitzman $41,660
4 USA Huck Seed $22,420
5 USA Jim Bechtel $16,020

Tournament Report


Saturday, May 18, 2002

$5,000 BUY-IN $5,000 rebuys


Bad news for us old folks, the scientists say that human beings are at the peak of their cognitive power in their mid-20's. Could it be that's why so many players in their mid-20's are winning tournaments? Makes sense.

There were 32 entrants and 34 Rebuys in the $5,000 Buy-In, Deuce To Seven No-Limit for a total prize pool of $320,400. Five players were paid.

The players were already at the Final Table when they got into the money. The table formed at eight, but only five of those got paid.

To get to the unpaid Final Table, Huck Seed got a little revenge on Johnny Chan by sending him out in 9th.

At the 8-place table, Jon Brody went all-in for his last $20k and rapped pat with J 9. Mark Weitzman called and drew one. Mark caught good and sent Brody out in an unpaid 8th with J 8.

The unpaid 7th belonged to Mike Wattel, an Omaha Hi-Lo bracelet winner. Mike drew one and paired 3's. Fred Bonyadi drew one and turned over 9 7.

How tough is it to make the Final Table and come one out of the money? Ask Fred Bonyadi. Freddy knew he was in trouble all-in when Huck Seed rapped pat. Bonyadi drew one. It was a King. Seed showed 10 6. Now it was time to get serious.

THE FINAL TABLE: 21 mins left of 75. $300 ante. $600/$1,200 blinds.

Player Hometown Chip Count

Seat 1 Jim Bechtel Coolidge AL $30,000

Seat 2 Allen Cunningham Marina del Rey CA $81,500

Seat 3 Huck Seed Las Vegas NV $98,500

Seat 4 Mark Weitzman Las Vegas NV $53,000

Seat 5 O'Neil Longson Las Vegas NV $66,500

Former champion Jim Bechtel, also with an omnipresent cigar, was short stack. He raised and was reraised all-in by O'Neil Longson. Jim drew one to an 8 5. Longson rapped pat with 9 8. Bechtel could light up now, he caught a Jack for 5th…which was MUCH better than 6th.

O'Neil Longson doesn't play a lot of tournaments. His poor hearing is a problem when he has to follow instructions. What O'Neil does do is play high stakes live games where his inability to hear well is probably a blessing. Longson was on a heater at the time and grounded Huck Seed in 4th. Seed got all his chips, about $40k, into the pot and was covered by O'Neil. Both rapped pat. Huck flipped his hand into the muck when Longson showed 87.

In Deuce To Seven No-Limit Lowball, reading is fundamental. You have no upcards to value. If someone represents a hand, you'd better be sure you know where you’re at when you commit chips. Mark Weitzman is referred to as a "lowball specialist." But even a specialist needs cards sometimes. Mark was now the short stack. Every bet would bring someone crashing over the top to get him out. Weitzman tried a pat 10 all-in against Allen Cunningham and was 3rd for his efforts. Allen was dealt a pat 8 6.

Heads up, the two remaining players chopped up the prize pool and played for $20k and the bracelet. The relatively small amount of money didn't stop the two from pounding on each other for 2 1/2 hours, though. Allen Cunningham is the most deliberate player in the game. It could be 5 cents a hand and he'd treat it the same way. (My thanks to Andy Glazer for the final hand of the match.) It was 3:30 in the morning now. The blinds were $6k/$12k with a $2k ante. Allen Cunningham had a better than 2-1 chip lead and bet all-in first. To the relief of the tournament staff, O'Neil Longson called. Each took one card. Allen won his second bracelet of an expected closet full when the mid-20's poker genius caught a 2 on a 9 8 draw. O'Neil was drawing dead with a 10 7 and paired 10's.

Mark another one up for the kids in the continuing poker Generational Warfare.

Official Money Winners

1. Allen Cunningham $160,200

2. O'Neil Longson 80,100

3. Mark Weitzman 41,660

4. Huck Seed 22,420

5. Jim Bechtel 16,020

"He's the nuts," Shelley Carr emoted. "David Lamb is the man." Has anyone from your staff ever talked that way about you? "If someone gave David a $1,000 toke, he'd put in on the table to be shared with us," Shelley enthused.

David Lamb, Shelley Carr, John Kulig and Joy Gasparian have done a fabulous job handling the Super Satellites this year. Over 200 seats will be won in the Supers.

Shelley recommends that everyone play in the upcoming Four Queens (kitty corner from the Horseshoe on Fremont St.) Tournament after the WSOP is over and experience a tournament directed by David Lamb, and staffed by his excellent Super Satellite crew.

Meanwhile there are only two Supers left on Sunday. They will be huge. Recent winner through Saturday afternoon were (some are repeaters): Chuck Thompson, Allan Stonum, Thor Hansen, Casey Kastle, Richard Anthony, Adam Schoenfeld, Bruce Mazza, Peter Giordano, Ron Aberman, Randall Skaggs, Harry Thomas, Jason Lane, Bill Eichel, Hans Pfister, Don Barton, Stan Goldstein, Damon Ahmadi, Pierre Peretti, Leandro Alvarez, Gary Lent, Harley Hall.

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