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Limit 7 Card Stud Results & Report

Showdown at the Sands

Limit 7 Card Stud
Sands Hotel & Casino
Indiana Ave & Brighton Park
Atlantic City, NJ, 08401, US
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Submit Photo In the inaugural "Million Dollar Deal at the Sands," the first event of what promises to be one of the most exciting poker...
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Profile: Frank Leeser
Date: November 14, 2003 Time: 11:00 AM

Buy-In: $200 + $25
Prizepool: $75,000
Entries: 159 + 119 rebuys
Game Type: Limit 7 Card Stud

Place Country Name Prize
1 USA Frank Leeser $27,750
2 Paul Goldman $15,000
3 USA Harvey Layton $7,500
4 Giancarlo Di Piero $5,250
5 USA Ron Preston $4,125
6 USA Seth B. Fass $3,375
7 USA Jamie Gomes $2,625
8 USA James Wilsey $1,875
9 USA Michael Frejka $1,125

Tournament Report

In the inaugural "Million Dollar Deal at the Sands," the first event of what promises to be one of the most exciting poker tournaments in Atlantic City history, Frank Tatje Leeser topped a highly competitive field of 159 players. The East Coast has long been revered for the best seven-card stud action in the world, and many of the top players in the game live on the Eastern Seaboard. Since Atlantic City first legalized poker in ten years ago, stud has been "the game" in most of the local casinos -- although things are now quickly changing with the explosion of Texas hold'em. Still, a very strong turnout showed up at "The Showdown" for a guaranteed $75,000 prize pool.

New Jersey local, Paul Goldman arrived at the final table with the chip lead ($51,700). Trailing by a small margin was Jose Luis Gomes ($46,600) from New York City.

The first player to bust out was James Wilsey, no stranger to poker players along the East Coast. Wilsey, who plays in many tournaments in Atlantic City and Foxwoods and won a major event recently at the United States Poker Championship started with a pair of aces, but ended up losing to a flush. He exited in 8th place and received $1,875.

Jose Luis Gomes had just about everything go wrong at the final table. He came with a respectable number of chips, but failed to win any hand of significance during his 35-minute stay under the bright lights at the Sands Casino. Gomes exited unceremoniously in 7th place and collected $2,625.

Next, Seth B. Fass from Long Beach, NY busted out. This was Fass' first-ever final table and he started with split jacks, but failed to improve his hand, which ended up losing to two-pair. He received $3,375 for 6th place.

Ron Preston from nearby Toms River, NJ arrived with $23,100 and hung on for the first 90 minutes. But he failed to be a force at the final table. Preston took home $4,125 for 5th place.

Down to four players, Paul Goldman was still held the chip lead, by nearly a 2-1 margin over his closest competitor ((Frank Leeser in second place). With betting limits of $3,000-6,000 one key hand was all it took to swing momentum and redistribute the $231,000 chips in play.

Giancarlo DiPierro came in with the lowest chip count ($6,000) and survived two tense all-ins early in the finale. He took a proverbial toothpick and ran it into a lumberyard, which eventually burned up in one big confrontation with Frank Leeser, who was on fire throughout play at the final table. DiPierro started off with a pair of queens and looked as though he'd survive another round, yet again. But Leeser spiked an ace on the final card, good for a pair of aces, which eliminated the DiPerro. $5,250 was paid for 4th place.

With three players remaining, Goldman and Leeser were neck-a-neck in chips, with Goldman holding a very slight lead -- $102,500 versus $101,500. Harvey Layton was hanging tough with $36,000. Layton, from Devon, PA -- who cited his most spectacular poker accomplishment as "staying alive" -- was buried when he began his final hand with pocket 9s. Unfortunately, Layton received no help whatsoever and watched in horror when Leeser caught a second pair and made 6s and 3s. Layton received $7,500 for 3rd place.

Down to the final two players, Leeser had the chip lead for the first time. The two rivals squared off for over an hour, as Leeser continued to bulldoze over the table with several "scare" cards face up, forcing Goldman to fold when pressured with bets and raises. Leeser took a 3-1 chip lead into the second hour of heads-up play as betting limits increased to $6,000-12,000. Goldman went all-in at this point, and survived his first gamble when he spiked a second pair on the final card. Goldman was able to parlay the $30,000 pot into a second big payoff, when he made another two pair on seventh-street, which effectively took his chip count up to over $60,000. Nevertheless, he was down 4 to 1 in chips to Leeser.

Goldman's good fortune finally ran out when the final hand of the night was dealt:

GOLDMAN (A-Q) 10-A-7-3 (2)
LEESER (8-8) 6-7-8-9 (Q)

Goldman started with big cards, which improved to a pair of aces by fourth- street. Leeser started with a pair, and hit trips on fifth street. Leeser's three 8s was the winning hand of the tournament, which came just minutes shy of midnight. Goldman, the chip leader coming into the finale, received $15,000 for his 2nd place finish.

Frank Leeser certainly qualifies as one of poker's top seven-card stud aficionados. Leeser won the $300 stud event at the United States Poker Championship in 2000, and finished 7th a year later in the big stud event. He also made the final table of the Tropicana's New Jersey State Poker Championship series a few years ago. Leeser added $27,750 to his poker bankroll.

Leeser, who lives in Delaware, is getting married next month. After he collected his prize money, he said, "This will make a great wedding present."

"Yeah," someone quipped from the late-night crowd. "A wedding present for who?"

Everyone was laughing, especially Frank Leeser.

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